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Terrible Headache -- I'm an Addict (Well, Kind Of! Hahaha!)

Okay, the addict thing? Not really! I've NEVER ABUSED Naproxen in all the decades I've been taking it. By that I mean that I've never taken more than I was prescribed -- in fact, I've often taken less. I suppose I shouldn't even joke about being an addict, but in a sense we ARE addicted to these medications that we take for years and years -- even when we don't abuse the dosage.

You know how it goes: They never want you to suddenly go off a medication. So, yeah, I should have known better, I admit that. Anyway, I was experiencing a sort of withdrawal from the med!

I had that headache yesterday (as some may recall). But today I had the worst headache of my life. I think it gave me a clue as to what my friends with migraines must go through, anyway. I've never been prone to headaches, for which I'm very glad. (I have plenty of other crap to deal with, as it is.)

Anyway, here's the complicated story: As I mentioned before, I was having AWFUL annual allergies that I get this time of year (Autumn). These can be debilitating and last for months. I've even been bedridden from allergies some years. So I got a steroid shot from my clinic. This helps the allergies, but elevates my blood sugar. So I was taking larger doses of Metformin (my main oral diabetes meds) to compensate. That works (pretty much), but Leslie had a concern to GET ME OFF of Naproxen, which I've been taking for decades. Especially combined with the Metformin, Naproxen is kidney damaging. (I'm normally on 850 for Metformin, but currently taking 1500 -- almost a double-dose.) So I'd thought to myself, "How about trying to go cold turkey off the Naproxen? Just try it, and see what happens?"

In the past, I was given a prescription to take Naproxen twice a day (morning and night), but I'd often only take it once daily. Admittedly in the past year or two, I've gone to taking it twice daily, for pain. But I was telling myself to TRY -- that maybe I could learn to deal with the pain.

Anyway, you can get something called Rebound Headaches when you suddenly go off Naproxen, rather than weaning yourself off. I should have figured that out, I suppose. But at least I did reason out that the headache was related to going off the meds. Marilyn told me what she'd found out when we talked today, so eventually I took half a pill and went to lie down and sleep. That helped a lot. I've still got a trace of a headache, but it's much better.

Seriously, I was NON-FUNCTIONAL today! I couldn't stand to be in the living room because all the light from the windows was bothering me. I could only stand the TV to be on with the volume really low. And part of the time I just couldn't look at it. I couldn't look at my computer or iPad, or read my Kindle. So sleeping was about ALL I could really do.

On the other hand, I had Hector out today and needed to talk with him. The sound of the blowers was murder, I have to say! And he was working for some time, as we had pine cones and leaves all over the place (we have several trees on our property).

I'd wanted to get certain chores out of the way, along with some research for work. But that wasn't happening today.

The funny thing is that I was in a bit of ill humor yesterday from the combination of computer issues and the headache I had -- but that was NOTHING to the pain today. Hahaha. Well, I have to count my blessings, as always. Things could always be worse.

I did phone my clinic. Which was annoying. I asked for Leslie's assistant, who was with patients. No problem. But instead of giving me her voice mail (as they often do), the woman on the phone asked me what I needed. I explained that it was somewhat complicated, then tried to explain. Anyway, NOBODY CALLED ME BACK all day long. And I wasn't surprised, because I'm not even sure she got the message. I'll call again tomorrow, anyway.

We had some odd issues with Instagram today. They've got some strange habits regarding hashtags. I don't understand why they ban certain tags, by the way. I'd put a list here, but I'm too tired to go do the research right now and pull a link. 'Curvy' is one of the words banned, which has big women with curved upset. I think they have a right to be! Skinny and thin work just fine, so it's as if heavy women are being treated differently than thin ones. And 'photographer' is banned, too. The full list is just crazy, trust me on that. Aside from banned tags, sometimes hashtags JUST DON'T WORK properly at Instagram.

By the way, if Instagram has an issue with people using certain tags, WHY NOT TELL US? You have to find out the banned list from other sources, because Instagram doesn't tell you! I don't get that at all.

Some of these Social Media services are just strange in the way they deal with the people who use them! There's no recourse for issues with Instagram, because you can't contact them about things and engage in any back and forth communication. And as I've mentioned before, we've had DEATH THREATS at Facebook for members of the festival court -- and tried to report it. But Facebook apparently doesn't care about that, because we got no response. Seriously??? Go figure.

Whatever we might say about LiveJournal, there's always been a way to get in touch with the Administrators. And I never forget that without LJ there wouldn't have been Facebook!

Marilyn actually CAME HOME EARLY from work today! As in before 5:00! She'd gone into work early for a meeting and didn't take a break all day long, so she decided to leave early, which I think makes perfect sense. But when the hell does she ever do that??? I was quite surprised!

She ate leftover chili from last night and our fish from yesterday for dinner. I'd eaten the coleslaw from the fish dinners for a late lunch (I was really NOT HUNGRY today). And I, too, had fish for dinner.

COFFEE SAVED MY LIFE TODAY, by the way. I drank coffee both yesterday and today and it helped a lot with the headache, believe it or not!

Marilyn and I bought "Hotel Transylvania" OnDemand and started watching it after dinner. We were both tired, so we fell asleep almost immediately. Hahaha. What we saw was cute, anyway. I wanted us to see the 2012 animated movie before considering the new one that's currently out...

When we woke up from our naps we had to dash to the store (Freddies). Mainly because I needed kitty litter to do the cat boxes. Yes, indeed! It's garbage night, yet again. Real garbage night! I need to take out a bunch of composting, aside from the garbage and recycling...

I'd planned to do this during the day today, but the headache made that impossible. So I still need to go tackle that job. (sigh)

We only got what we really needed, so we still have groceries to get. Maybe we'll get to Walmart over the weekend...

We needed gas in the car, so we stopped at a place that does cash only. Really? Yeah, it's bad gas and we normally never go there, but it will tide us over until morning, anyway. We didn't want to worry about having enough gas to get to the station in the morning.

I have work tomorrow. So hopefully I'll feel okay in the morning. I'd ditch it, but I have Kris coming in, so I need to force myself to go.

I almost forgot. Hector's wife Sandy is in the hospital, poor woman. Good thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

Well, off to do the garbage before bed! Goodnight, all!!!
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