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Finished another Paint Shop Pro tutorial -- a Sketch Effect

I think I was somewhat inspired by watching some of the amazing movie "Sin City" last night. (smile)

No, this isn't exactly what I had in mind when I was watching said movie, but while very quickly fooling around, I suddenly realized just how easy it was to turn this:
Sketch version 1 (small) -- original

Into these:
Sketch version 4 (small)   Sketch version 5 (small)

I liked the effect enough to dash off yet another a quick tutorial, which I originally wrote for version 9, but just translated to version 8. I have a hunch that most of my LJ friends aren't really into using PSP for the most part, so I'll skip linking these two. (smile)

Anyway, the whole process of converting tutorials fascinates me. (I should ask other tutorial writers exactly how they proceed. Maybe there's a much easier way than I use!)

For me, I always have the written version -- ready for editing -- open for typing changes. Then I have the software I'm converting to open, as well. Finally, I'll use the actual tutorial I've previously shared -- which includes any images -- inside a browser window. That means a minimum of three open windows during the process, and a lot of shifting back and forth.

There's actually only some differences between PSP versions 8 and 9. (Though I admit I prefer 9 a ton and wouldn't ever use 8 except for the purpose of tutorials.) But there's enough of a difference that I'd never think of posting a tutorial before I did the above-mentioned conversion process! (I'm slightly anal that way, I suppose...)

I have friends who use PSP who are active at various rings, forums, Yahoo groups and so on that focus on the software. Personally, I'm only active here at LJ, and a little bit at GJ. (I simply don't have the time to give to other groups, if I'm being honest.) But I'm told it's common for really hard core users of the software to have numerous versions, often going back to 4, 5 and 6 and up to PSPX and PSP10! As annoying as I sometimes find it to convert my tutorials for three versions, I suppose it could be worse. Just imagine doing it for five or six versions! (smile)

One person who uses my tutorials, but doesn't have a journal here at LJ, writes to me fairly often and shares things she's seen other places. Back when I first was learning to use PSP7 I remember going to several websites and trying to follow the tutorials there. I was always frustrated as hell. It seemed to me like steps and settings were always missing, leaving me to try to figure out what I was doing wrong! Eventually I realized it was the tutorials that were at fault, which always keeps me mindful of trying not to skip things when I write my own.

Anyway, that's my fifth tutorial this month, believe it or not. This one is really very quick to do and simple to follow. I think even a total beginner could attempt it with happy results.

I still have three other tutorials I'd like to finish up that are more than halfway finished. Plus a pile of others that I've started at one point or another!

I'd love to know why I'm so bad about that -- starting a tutorial, but not finishing it.

For that matter, over the years I've had a journal here at LJ, I've written countless entries that I never finished! It's really annoying.

On that note, I need to post a non-PSP entry!

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