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Jeff has a letter to request I be excused from jury duty. It's pretty nearly impossible for me to be away at any time during the year. Yes, I went to New York and to California. But at any time -- day or night -- I could have been reached by phone to do my job as needed. A lot of what I do can actually be done from my home office. And has been done when I've been on the road somewhere. But it's clearly impossible for me to stop in the middle of serving on a jury to take a call about IT. And as you all can guess, IT doesn't wait around to fail when it's convenient. Hopefully they'll honor the request for me to be excused. It's NOT as if I've never served in my life, because I certainly have -- I've been on several juries and I've served numerous times as foreperson. No, I haven't served recently. Yet I know a ton of people who have never even been called for jury duty! Why is that??? I would think after a certain number of times they'd stop calling the same individuals over and over again. I just don't understand the reasoning. It seems entirely unfair to me.

And as difficult as it might be to believe, there are work places who have so few people working there that each person is necessary to keep things running. Our office can't function without IT -- I can tell you that! On the rare occasions that we've been out for several hours, the entire place is dead in the water until we get it BACK UP and running again. And that's MY job. Anyway, all I can do is wait to hear what they reply in response to his letter.

Meanwhile, I dealt with some IT issues today -- that I'll still be dealing with later this week, until they're 100% resolved. That's another thing about IT: It's often difficult and time-consuming to entirely resolve things.

Marilyn actually came home at a reasonable hour tonight! It was a shock for both of us! Around 6:30 she asked me if that was the correct time, and was really surprised to hear that it was. She certainly hasn't been home that early in quite some time!

We ate frozen burritos and a frozen meatloaf for dinner. We still don't have our new range, so if it can't go in the microwave, we're out of luck. Or if it doesn't need cooking at all, of course!

Still watching Matt Jackson on "Jeopardy" -- and loving his wins!

I haven't talked to sister Sue in days. I miss talking to her. And I haven't talked to June in ages, either. At least I wrote a few emails to my friend Shari today...

It's been MONTHS since we promised to go to dinner with our friends Rob and Jeff! I really, really need to set that up. (sigh)

And tomorrow I need to write back to Blake about the work on the house.

Hector is coming either tomorrow or Thursday. Good thing. We worry about those gutters and flooding!!!

Good night, everyone. Sleep tight!
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