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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Worth Reading -- In Playboy and About Playboy 
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This article about AGEISM is really worth reading! Here's a quote: Aging is difficult, but the passage of time confers very real benefits. Older people exhibit better judgment, become more emotionally adept and often grow more creative. No one reaches 80 without encountering adversity and loss, but life remains very much worth living. By blinding us to those benefits and heightening our fears, ageism makes growing older in America harder than it has to be. Most of w hat we know about aging is wrong—and staying in the dark serves commercial and political interests that don’t serve ours.

In the 20th century the civil rights and women’s movements woke us up to entrenched systems of racism and sexism around us. More recently, the gay rights movement has made great strides against homophobia. It’s high time to mobilize against age-based discrimination and stereotyping. Otherwise, ageism will pit us against one another. It will rob society of a vast amount of knowledge and experience. And it will poison our futures by framing longer, healthier lives as problems instead of the remarkable achievements they represent.

You can read the entire article online HERE. And I highly recommend it, even if you're not over 50! Because someday YOU WILL BE (hopefully!).

And in Playboy-related news: No more nudes in Playboy magazine, centerfold's future at risk...

I think it's a good decision on many levels. Because of the online world, anybody who wants to see nudity is only a few clicks away. Playboy was always about more than mere nudity, from the very beginning. (The magazine was created the year after I was born, by the way.) Marilyn and I have subscribed to it for decades (and read our father's magazines prior to that). You can read that article HERE.

Sexy isn't just about nudes, of course. Most women can tell you that clothing can enhance a man or woman in ways that nakedness never could. Even if we're just talking about scanty bits of clothes. But women are so self-conscious about their bodies that they're rarely comfortable without at least some sheer covering (especially if the lights are on!). Just sayin', guys. Hahaha. Yes, there's a time and a place for nudes. But I think this might be the thing to save Playboy magazine.

I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens!

By the way, if you've NEVER read Playboy, then you're missing out. Some of the most amazing FICTION appears in those pages! I just recently read a short story that knocked my socks off! The political debates are wonderful, too. It's informative. The comics and jokes are humorous. And the articles ARE first rate. (Some people DO read Playboy for the articles, all joking aside.)

I hope the magazine doesn't go under, as I feel it would be a terrible loss.

In OTHER news, I chatted a couple of times with Kris today. He's coming to the office on Friday so we can deal with several IT concerns -- including Marilyn's Outlook problem. I would LOVE to resolve that!

I tried to phone Hector, but didn't reach him -- and I couldn't leave a message because his voice mailbox was full. Unfortunately, that happens all the time with Hector. (sigh)

Okay, Hector called back. He's coming either tomorrow or Thursday. We need our usual work, plus the gutters done.

Fine, get this: I just brought in the mail, and I've been called for jury duty. Again. I don't even know how many times I've been called in my life! (I was just called in 2014.) There are TONS of people who never get called, so what gives with that??? I've actually served several times. My last experience was HORRIBLE. I was treated really badly by the judge. As far as I'm concerned, I NEVER, ever want to serve on a jury again. No, I'm NOT kidding.

My status as a full-time volunteer was denigrated by the judge -- and later by almost the entire jury I sat on. WTF??? They acted like it wasn't the same as a paying job. Well, HELL NO, it's not! I have the same responsibility as people who get paid, and I do the work without a pay check. I'm not only our Webmaster and IT Manager, but I help train our new personnel and do a number of other tasks during the year. Anyway, because there's no one else who can replace me in my IT role (among many other tasks), I'm sure Jeff will write to have me receive a Discretionary Excusal. We'll see how that goes. I have no clue who would do my job if I wasn't around to do it!!!

(heavy sigh)
October 14, 2015 (Wednesday) 01:08 am (UTC)
You don't get out of jury duty for some time after doing it?
Here in MA you get 3 years. Sorry you don't!
October 14, 2015 (Wednesday) 06:29 am (UTC)
But I didn't serve the last time, Frank. They called me in February 2014 -- and once January hits, there's no WAY anyone on our staff could serve. So I was excused at Jeff's request.

But in all honesty, we have such a SMALL STAFF that it's nearly impossible any time of the year for us to serve. I have two main jobs (Webmaster and IT Manager), plus a number of other tasks. Training new and existing personnel is one of those 'other' tasks, and that's a pretty big one. But we'd be dead in the water without my IT work. Even a day or two is nearly impossible. (We all have at least two jobs or more...)

It reminds me of going to Fiesta San Antonio and in the middle of a luncheon with all these dignitaries -- and I was on the phone doing IT for the festival! I'm pretty much on call 24/7 (and there's really no one else who can fill in for me). I've worked when I was very sick for that exact reason.

I don't recall when I last actually served. But it seems odd that there are all these people who are NEVER called -- and I've been called again and again...
October 14, 2015 (Wednesday) 11:43 am (UTC)
Here it is "one day or one trial". Even if you show up for the day and are not picked you get your get out of doing it again card that is good for three years.
Of course, the fact I've had to use that proves that they do pick the same people over and over...