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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Marilyn Monday: A Lovely Autumn Day 
autumn cobweb
We've certainly had LOVELY WEATHER in 2015. Pretty much for the entire year. Today was a really beautiful day.

Marilyn and I had to go out today to take my rented tux back. I made every effort to package it up carefully. They manage to have the entire thing on two hangers: Jacket, pants, shirt, vest, tie and jewelry! It's all in a special travel bag, plus inside there are two plastic dry cleaner bags.

It takes longer to pack it all away than it does to actually return it! I just walked in, hung it on the rack by the register and the woman scanned each item (they're marked, I guess). It didn't even take five minutes.

Anyway, it was a lovely ride there! Beautiful blue skies and very warm and sunny!

Afterwards we went to Starbucks and had coffee and a goodie, then played a bit on our iPads. Then headed home again.

This was another very quiet day, with lots of sleeping and reading and TV watching.

By the way, I can't believe I haven't mentioned Matt Jackson on "Jeopardy"!!! Marilyn and I both love this amazing 23-year-old. We're really enjoying see him do so well. I hope he can keep it up!

This week I need to get in touch with Hector and have him do the gutters again. We're nervous about flooding. Hopefully at some point (maybe next weekend?) we can try to get out and find a new range for the kitchen. It's a pain not having an oven, but we've been living with it okay (so far). I need to get in touch with Blake about having work on the house (including painting) done.

There are some things I need to do for work, too...

Marilyn and I watched "Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man," a 1943 monster/horror film produced by Universal Studios that stars Lon Chaney, Jr. as the Wolf Man and Bela Lugosi as Frankenstein's monster. The article I read said that Lugosi was impaired by his age, at 60. Um, SERIOUSLY??? (Remember, guys, I'm heading for 63 here!) Basically, he didn't really want to play the Monster, and I think that's why things were so messed up in this movie. They cut parts that would have explained WHY he did the acting he did. For example, the stiff arm thing was supposedly due to the Monster being BLIND, but they cut explaining that. Plus there were several different people playing the Monster at different points during the movie. Too bad...

Anyway, we find it fun to watch these old movies that we were raised on! There's something special about a black and white monster film.

Good night, all!
October 13, 2015 (Tuesday) 10:46 pm (UTC)
That's a classic movie alright! Very cool!