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Tired. Event in Pholma, Oregon.

Well, I suppose it's needless to say that we're tired today. It was a LONG week -- and yesterday was a LONG day.

Plus I drank a bit more than I should have. And science tells us that champagne gets you drunker faster -- and you have a worse hangover. And guess what I was drinking last night? Hahaha. (Gosh, I love champagne!)

But we got up and got ready to go to Philomath, Oregon (near Corvallis, in Benton County) to attend our friend Don's EVENT. In a nutshell, here's what it was about: Don's a life-long Oregon resident (a musician by trade), who was adopted at 7 months back when recorded birth info was sealed. He began searching for his birth mother in 1995. In December, 2013, he began using genealogy and DNA testing to explore further, discovering his mother, and later also finding his father! Those who enjoy a great human interest story and the practical application of DNA analysis with the fruit of genealogical research (finding a 'lost' family) will enjoy this program. (Sponsored by the Benton County Geneological Society.)

I'd been texting Adeena quite early (she'd said the night before she'd like to go along), and she got permission to go with us. Marilyn checked the route and we were soon ready to go. The event was starting at 11:00 a.m.

Unfortunately, we'd planned for a trip taking an hour -- but it was more like two hours! Adeena arrived and we were off, hurrying along -- and knowing we were going to be late.

We decided to think of it as being there at least during part of the program to show our support for Don. He's going to speak again at other venues, so we can always hear him again, later on. But amazingly enough (!!!) we were there close to on time! We only missed a few minutes of his presentation.

And it was warm and not raining on our way there! It was supposed to be a really rainy day, with wind.

Don was pleased we showed up. And his story really is interesting. He's been keeping Marilyn informed about it for ages now. Adopted as a baby, he wanted to find out about his birth mother. Then he wanted to find out about his birth father. He's put tons of energy, effort and enthusiasm into this search -- and finally succeeded!

On the way home we suddenly heard this terrible noise under the car. We'd driven over a black garbage bag on the highway and it was wrapped around underneath. So we got off in Salem and started by going to a gas station. We didn't even bother to ask for help there. We could see it, and I said we needed to go somewhere they could put the car in the air and get the thing off for us. Fortunately we were close by Victory Automotive! We went over and begged them for help and they did exactly as expected.

Anyway, they got the bag off for us and refused to take any cash for helping us out. Very nice guys.

Then we decided to stop and eat while there. We went to Elmer's and had a meal before heading back to the highway to come home. But while we were there, the dark clouds rolled in and the storm hit!

It was POURING most of the way home, with wind. At one point we had so much water splashed up on the window that we were driving blind! That's happened to us before, but usually only in the Gorge.

Anyway, we stopped in St. Johns at Safeway and got a few groceries. (Junk food. Total comfort items, like potato chips and slices of cake.) Then headed home. Adeena headed off and Marilyn and I changed clothes and lazed around.

I finally crashed, heading to bed. Not Marilyn! I swear she never naps anymore! It's funny, because she always talks about how I never sleep. Pot? Meet Kettle.

I'm actually getting ready to lie down again. I've got leg cramps and I'm still really tired. Maybe I'll actually try to read in my book a little before I crash.

I've finally taken out my contacts -- I should have done that hours ago! And I forgot to take my morning meds (too late now). So I do want to be sure I get my nighttime meds!!!

Marilyn and I did watch the 2015 movie "Focus," with Will Smith and Margot Robbie. Very, very entertaining! And what a hot couple they make! It was even better than expected, so if you get the chance to see it, do go for it. (I just checked and was surprised to see that it got very mixed reviews! Really? I can't say how much we both liked it!)

Well, I hope everybody is enjoying their Saturday (or enjoyed it, I guess!)

On that note, good night, all! Sleep tight!
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