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The 2015 Auction is Over!!! Marilyn Gave a GREAT Speech!

Really exhausted, so I'll just post a really QUICK post!

It was a busy day -- and a very busy night (of course).

Marilyn actually wrote her speech this morning at home, so we didn't go in right away. But when we did get in we went to Starbucks with Jeff, Christine and Shelley (everybody else was over at the Auction venue getting ready for the event).

Then we did some other work before heading over to the Auction venue. Marilyn and I were taking my laptop with the PowerPoint for the Appeal. Plus I took stuff to 'fix' PeeDee -- but they didn't need it, so it was okay. I also took over the glass fish bowl for the drawing. We've had one for years, but it had been broken. So FISH Marketing gave us a new one (the original one came from them). Anyway, I bagged it up and we took it there.

After we were done, we went shoe shopping. Marilyn wanted new shoes for the Auction. We went to Famous Footware and we both ended up getting shoes. Then we stopped for tacos and rice takeout for our lunch. We knew we needed to eat something to keep us going until later, because dinner wouldn't be served until around 8:00 p.m.

After eating at home Marilyn washed and did her hair and I took a nap. Then we got up and got ready. Sister Sue arrived and I got an 'emergency' call from Carol who needed extra wine glasses.

In spite of heavy traffic, we made it there by just past 5:00 for the rehearsal. The really good news was that the PowerPoint was playing PERFECTLY! It was hitting all the musical marks. Awesome!

We signed in and got our bidding numbers and Auction books. We settled sister Sue at our table early on (so she didn't have to stand very long). The silent part of the Auction is downstairs (where we enter) and the dinner is upstairs.

Then it's getting tokens for drinks and buying drinks for friends. And greeting people all around the room. And lots of photos. Adeena looked lovely in her black dress. Mark looked great in his tux. I loved how Sue looked in her black pants with the black and gold top (and she'd had her hair done today and it looked wonderful). Marilyn wore her hair up (everybody loved it!) -- and she and I were a big hit in our tuxes.

I can't say at this point how we did on numbers for the Auction, because I don't think we know, yet. But people were cheering the PowerPoint. And they cheered for Marilyn's AMAZING speech!

She spoke about a young (teenage) girl who came to Portland right before World War II, fell in love and got married. Then the war came and her husband was away fighting and she was with her in-laws in a strange city, with a baby girl. That woman was our mother! And to make herself more at home, she embraced the festival! And later her baby girl was a junior princess. And her other daughters both worked for the festival. This is Marilyn's 40th anniversary, so she's given 40 years of her life to the festival that gave so much to our mother...

The speech was INCREDIBLE. That's just a small part of what she said. Anyway, people cheered over and over again during it!

Marilyn's goal was that the Appeal would raise $50,000 for our foundation and that's what happened! It was great. She's such a good public speaker.

I'm so impressed that during the PowerPoint our President Frank came over and sat in Marilyn's chair next to me (she was on stage at that point) -- and he was just wonderful, saying such nice things.

After the end of the Auction we had all these people coming up to our table and saying sweet things to all of us. Very lovely.

Anyway, it's a long event and we're 'on' during the whole thing. And on our feet for hours and hours. So we're pretty worn out...

I had Adeena next to me. Marilyn and I always sit side by side. Sue was next to Marilyn. And Mark was on the other side of Adeena. (Adeena and I held hands a lot during the Auction... smile...)

I had both Mark and Adeena helping me track the numbers, which Marilyn and I always do each year. We usually get at least one other person to help us. This might be the first year EVER that nobody checked with me about a single item! And they didn't even ask me for my book after. Odd. But I suppose that's a good sign.

It was nice to see a lot of people that we don't get to see except for the Auction.

Amy used to work in the office and she comes back every year. I always pray for her and her sister (they live together) and her family. She once told Marilyn that her parents were praying for her. And I've been praying for them ever since. Her father has had some serious health issues, but is doing pretty well right now. It's a true blessing. Her mom and dad will come and stay with them for the entire month of December -- I think that's lovely!

Our friend Jodi was there, too -- she also used to work in the office, and used to be in our writing circle. She's currently back in Portland and going to seminary and seems very happy.

The list of all our friends is long, so I won't even try to list it here. But these are just wonderful people.

The Auction is a ton of work. But it raises a lot of money for our non-profit organization, so it's a very important event.

Marilyn gave a $1,000 to the Appeal (as we'd discussed). And Adeena gave $100 (me, too). And sister Sue gave $50! We believe in supporting the Auction. We believe in supporting the festival!

I have a couple of photos to share. Maybe I'll manage to gather some more later on. Marilyn was seeing tons of these online tonight...

Photo share!!!
[clicking on these will bring up the larger version]

Me, Adeena, Marilyn and Sue (Adeena posed between us for this shot)

Me, Mark and Marilyn

I'm drooping now, so I'm heading to bed any second. We've promised a friend we'll go hear him speak at an event tomorrow morning, so we need to try and drag ourselves up in time to drive there. His is an interesting story! More about that tomorrow.

Good night, dear friends!
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