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Another Issue? Really Apple, Really???

I stayed home from work today, which should have been just fine. The goal was that I sleep in and get as much rest as possible today before the Auction tomorrow (Friday), as I've been so damn tired recently. Sounds good, right?

Well, Adeena and I talk and she wants to come out to see me around 10:30-ish so we can go have Starbucks. Of course I jump at that! Hahaha. So I don't go back to bed (needless to say). Instead I pull myself together and then she and I go shopping (CAT FOOD!!!). And out to Starbucks and have a lovely visit.

Then she needs to head to work, so she takes me home.

Guess what??? The alarm isn't on (I have one second of freak out) -- which is because Marilyn is there! She's been calling me on my cell for ages and not reaching me.

And here, dear friends, is where the Apple hate comes in for today! I noticed yesterday when we were using the GPS on my cell that the sound was turned ALL THE WAY DOWN. No, I didn't do that! So I turn it way up (which is normally where I have it). Just now Marilyn and I are on the phone talking and she tells me to keep my cell close, as they're contacting me via my cell about my tux today. I find it and check the level of the sound. It's turned all the way down again!!! Say what???

I just checked online. Sure enough! That's one of the known issues with IOS 9.0.1 -- the sound will TURN OFF randomly. You have got to be kidding me!!!

I was pretty annoyed that even though I had my phone with me all day I missed not only several calls from Marilyn, but a couple of calls from Mark, too (on my cell). And now I discover it's NOT MY FAULT that I didn't hear the calls. It's impossible to hear something when the sound has turned itself down/off. Right???

Marilyn and I are very reluctant to do any more of the updates, considering what we've read isn't good news. But it's a pain when you can't count on your cell phone for phone calls!!!

Anyway, Marilyn was here because the PowerPoint Presentation I thought I had FINISHED yesterday doesn't play correctly on either the work laptop or my laptop (I'm going to use mine this year).

So the first thing I do is REBUILD the entire thing from scratch (which we usually do anyway). You take every slide one at a time and copy and paste it into a new presentation. Then I compressed all the photos. (We already resize our photos and keep them a reasonable size, but compression helps.)

No good.

So I just went through the entire thing and manually tweaked the time. So now it's good to go. It's not perfect, but it's very close. Close enough, anyway.

Marilyn and I will just have to live with it, I guess. It won't be the first time it hasn't played exactly the way we want. (sigh) So we have to let it go.

But when you put all that work into it, you want it to play exactly as originally done.

I don't know if this is that we need a NEW laptop (a decent one -- not a cheap one), or whatever else it might be. But at least it's DONE (again).

Now I must go color my hair!!! Marilyn will come by to get me in around 90 minutes. (I should be done by then.)

Hopefully my phone won't shut the sound off again (!!!!!!!!), and I'll hear the call! I suppose it won't be a big deal if I have to call them about it, though...

Apple, let me say it one more time: I hate you. You made a mess out of my day, yet again.

Adeena and I did have a nice visit, though! (smile) She's wearing a lovely long dress tomorrow. Can't wait to see her!

(Hopefully I'll have photos to share...)

Must dash!!!
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