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Having a Cup of Coffee -- It's after 11:00 Now...

Just checked my Fitbit. I have over 5,000 steps for today. That's not amazing, but when you consider I got most of them INSIDE the festival building (which is small), going up and down and up and down the stairs there. My desk is upstairs -- but everybody else is downstairs. So...

I'm enjoying our 'dinner' coffee right now. We ate around ten-ish again tonight. That's okay. We knew today would be a long day (there was so much to do). I cooked (using the microwave and stove top) tonight when we finally got home. But I think we're both sick of acorn squash now. At least we had more kale, as I guess it was kale day. (Is every day something special?)

Anyway, sipping coffee and really enjoying it! I think I need it to stay awake long enough to blog. I just cleaned up the kitchen a bit and will do more in the morning.

Marilyn had another VERY BUSY day (as she almost always does). But she got a lot done, so that's good.

I finished the PowerPoint Presentation today. I had left several slides entirely alone originally, but as the day went by I kept adding more and more new photos in place of the ones used last year. Anyway, it was matching up PERFECTLY to the music, which is often very difficult to do! So Marilyn and I were both pleased when all was said and done.

She contacted her doctor's office today. She no longer has a doctor -- it's amazing how they all seem to 'go away' after a period of time. But she needed her Estradiol -- and she knew she should still have a prescription, even though the pharmacy said no. She spoke to somebody and they arranged for her to get 90 days worth -- nothing to sneeze at, considering that's three months worth! Anyway, she does need to get in to see someone, but that takes some stress off when.

So I phoned Riteaid to see if it was ready (it wasn't). At least that got them working on it! So she did get a message that it was done later on.

Meanwhile, Adeena had been texting us about tomorrow and the tux thing. She needs to go to school in the morning and work in the afternoon. So Marilyn and I decided it was too much for her to come here to get me to go along with her. Anyway, after work we went to Mr. Formal and I was fitted for my tux which we'll go pick up on Friday (in the morning). The girl who waited on (Juliete) was very sweet and helpful. I was measured and tried on their test clothes. It's going to look pretty cool, I think.

As I already mentioned, Marilyn has a tux, so she's good to go...

Anyway, Adeena has decided not to wear a tux, which is JUST FINE, by the way. At one point I was going to do the same and just wear something I already had. It's a lot of extra work and time (and $), so... I know Adeena will look lovely WHATEVER she wears! (She always does.)

And Mark probably can't get a kilt, either. So I'm not sure what he's going to wear. But I swear he told me he has a tux, so maybe that's what he's planning on.

And sister Sue has the black and gold top I gave her that she's going to wear with black pants. I'm sure that will look lovely, too.

So, anyway, I'm sure we will all be good to go! It's going to be fun to all be there together at the same table.

I'm tired tonight. Marilyn has fallen asleep on the family room sofa, little wonder! I'm so glad I washed my hair last night. NOW I need to color it tomorrow!!!

I also need to get to the store and get CAT FOOD (I'm almost out!!!). Hopefully sister Sue can take me sometime tomorrow. Maybe not, though. She's got cribbage tomorrow night. And she hasn't been feeling that great this week. Anyway, I want her to feel good for Friday!!!

I wonder what I'm forgetting to share?

Oh! While at Mr. Formal, we found a set of cummerbund and matching tie for PeeDee! He's attending the Auction, too, so he needed some 'formal' wear. Hahaha. Marilyn's got a fedora she thinks will work for him to wear as a hat.

Well, I need to take my meds, take out my contacts and head to bed. I've got a bunch of stuff to get done tomorrow. And Friday will be a big (and long) day.

For whatever reason, my feet are SORE tonight. Silly, huh?

Shari's Aunt Nela is visiting her tomorrow. I'm excited for her.

Can't think what else I was going to blog about, so I think I'll head to bed. Good night all!
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