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Not Autumn Rain -- Just a Lovely SHOWER! (grin)

Ooooo! I just woke up, came upstairs and found a HUGE SPIDER in my sink! I was trying to kill it and it was jumping around and really freaking me out. I mean, it was big and black. Yuck! Not a nice thing to wake up to!!!

It's now past 3:00 a.m. on Wednesday. And, boy, did I have a HARD TIME getting myself to get up to wash my hair!

As I was showering, it occurred to me that I don't always mention taking a shower, unless I'm washing my hair. And even then, I don't always blog about it. I guess I save blogging about my bathing and showering to when I'm forcing myself to get up late at night (in the early morning) to do it... I wonder why that's the case? Hahaha.

Sister Sue uses Dove soap, by the way -- and has for many, many years. Anyway, when I smelled how nice it was one time at the beach when she'd used it there, I decided to give it a try. I think I might have used it when I was younger, but it had been ages ago. Anyway, I really enjoy Dove! If you haven't tried it in a long time, maybe you, too, should give it a go!

Well, off to DRY my hair! I do want to get right back to bed and get some more sleep before it's time to get up and head to the office!!!

I was pleased with how I'd done with the PowerPoint when Marilyn reviewed it. I think it's turned out good so far. But I need to put on a big push tomorrow morning (TODAY!!!) to get it finished up!!!

I'm sitting here smelling of lovely Dove soap. So special! Hahaha. I can't normally smell it after I use my deodorant (light scent of coconuts) and my perfume (that I wear every single day)... When you also add the smell of my shampoo (really nice) and conditioner (also very nice), that's a lot of fragrances! But, honestly, my perfume trumps everything else. (People often tell me how 'nice' I smell...)

Bedtime (again) soon -- I hope!!! Seriously, I can wash and dry my hair very quickly when I finally get around to doing it! (grin)
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