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Tired -- Very Busy Day (PowerPoint and More). And I Cooked!

Well, I'm very, very tired tonight. I'm dying to lie down. Seriously! I drank a whole pot of coffee earlier today, because I was just tired all day long. And Marilyn and I just had coffee with our late dinner. She just got home from work a bit ago...

She had a hugely busy day, preparing for the Auction. She's amazing, as I always say!

As for me, I put quite a bit of time into the PowerPoint for the Auction Appeal -- Marilyn will be speaking on behalf of the Appeal this year.

As I've already said, we decided to take the PP Presentation from last year and just tweak it out and use it again this year. That meant we didn't have to do our usual huge search for music (that then has to be downloaded and converted), for starters. I did make entirely NEW background slides -- last year we had the Superhero theme, so I'd created a comic book back in various colors. But this year with the James Bond theme, I used the famous gun barrel image in a variety of colors that I really, really like!

And I had words that did the 'pow' type look (with jagged edges around each word). At first I wasn't sure how I would replace all that text (there's a TON of it!!!), but it went really well. I came up with a sort of gradient gold that looks pretty cool (if I do say so myself!). And I re-did every word using the James Bond font. I think it turned out really nice, anyway.

I've started to replace some of the photos, but have a ton more to do. Now I'll work on it in the office tomorrow, where I'll have access to TONS AND TONS of additional photos. By the time we've replaced many of the photos from last year, this really will have an entirely different look to it, I think. Pretty decent for not doing a whole new presentation from scratch...

Most people won't even notice, by the way. They only see these once, as a rule -- and it's only a few minutes long. It's only the staff -- and then not the entire staff -- who would ever see the presentation enough times to know. And as we're talking a year later, I think a bunch of them would still not guess. Hahaha.

Aside from that, I finally put away a bunch of bulk items I got at Costco that were still (!!!) sitting out. About time, yes. And I gathered up all the garbage and took it out (and scooped out the cat boxes and used the stuff we have that freshens them). I also took out a bunch of composting and some food the crows and other critters can eat. They got much of our recent popcorn, as well, as we brought most of it home. (It wasn't very good!)

I decided to cook dinner. I had acorn squash that was going to go bad if it wasn't cooked. Not that easy without an oven! But I decided to try cooking it with the microwave. It takes some time and effort to do it correctly. But it turned out well-cooked and quite lovely, really! As long as I had the stove top to make roast beef hash and kale to stuff it with, we were all good! So at least I could feed the poor hungry and tired Marilyn when she finally arrived home.

I also worked through a HUGE PILE of email. And answered some of the email from my close friends (including my friend Shari, who had written to me several times). I love hearing from my friends, so I wish I was better about getting back to them when they write!!!

I need to contact Blake -- the guy who managed the work on our house after the flooding. We want to get some structural work done (including on the cedar fence), plus we want the outside of the house painted. So we need to get on that pronto!!! I'd love to have him doing the work, assuming he has the time and is affordable. I'm annoyed that I didn't email him back today. Hopefully I'll get to that tomorrow!

Sister Sue and I managed to chat today, too. We're both excited about the auction.

Adeena is planning to go Thursday morning to rent a tux -- and Marilyn thinks I should try and go with her (if that's convenient for Adeena, of course). Marilyn would love to have all three of us wearing tuxs -- and I'd like that, too. (smile)

Both Colin and Henry DEMANDED attention from me today! Well, it's Autumn and they're always like this. So I took time away from everything I was doing and tried to be patient (I wasn't all day long, though!).

I wonder what I'm forgetting to share???

Well, it's going to have to do for today, because it's 10:30 now and I'm bushed.

I hope all my friends are doing well! Good night! And sleep tight!
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