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Manicures, Pedicures and a Movie With Adeena!

Had to use the cat icon, because Henry has been so horny today! (heh) Howling and playing with either his rope or a hair tie -- and it's totally sexual, believe me. I actually like seeing it, because he struggles so with his health in the Fall, so the fact that he can stay healthy enough to want a little something is a good sign. Aside from his normal health issue, Henry has allergies, too -- just like both of us! Poor little guy.

Actually, both cats have been horny lately. Colin is constantly trying to mount Henry. I feel sorry for Henry (we call it 'sexual abuse,' as he doesn't seem to like it), but I feel sorry for Colin, too. He isn't into anything with a rope or other object. He wants a partner!

Sad day for Marilyn. She really, really wanted to be running the Portland Marathon today and was very disappointed not to be able to do it. I feel bad for her, knowing how much this meant to her (to run it at 60). But I believe she'll have other chances in the future. And it will be equally special doing it at any future age.

Anyway, Marilyn and I went to get our pedicures and manicures today. Painful. But we'll look good for next Friday (the Auction). It took ages today, I swear! But we were glad to check it off our list.

We came home and Adeena suggested a movie tonight. We were up for that -- all three of us have wanted to see "The Man from U.N.C.L.E."

We were going to go get some tacos, because today was National Taco Day 2015. But we decided to rest before the movie. I took a nap, but Marilyn didn't end up doing that. (I'm sure glad I did. I've been so tired with my allergies...)

We met Adeena over in Washington and really enjoyed the movie. Very stylish -- well filmed. The fashions alone were worth seeing it for!!! We had a good time.

Tomorrow we need to go get our outfits for the Auction. We're going to go with Adeena, who needs her outfit, too.

And that's my Sunday!
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