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Seasonal Allergies -- Steroid Shot

Those who read yesterday's blog entry will recall me talking about calling my clinic to see if I could get a steroid shot for my seasonal allergies. I had one last year in October and I've had them before. They always help to some degree, sometimes they're like a miracle for me.

Yes, there are common side effects. For people with diabetes, these shots elevate blood sugar, for example. Other side effects inclulde body swelling, anxiety, insomnia, mood swings (both mania and depression), and weight gain. Obviously one has to weigh the positive aspects against the negative ones. If you suffer as much as I do with the allergies, you're probably going to go for the shot. Many doctors refuse to give steroid shots, though, according to what I read. I had this happen to me, too, in the past. I'm glad Leslie isn't anti-steroids.

Anyway, I called this morning and left a message for Latoya, Leslie's assistant. She phoned me back and said I could come in for the shot today. So after lunch, sister Sue took me to get the shot. I think it's amazing they would take me same day!

The thing is, I'm often sick for the Auction! It's happened many, many times. It's usually related to these awful allergies I get in Fall. So it would be nice if I wasn't sick next Friday.

The shot when given isn't really that painful. But it was bothering me a bit later in the day. Hell, maybe it's just the arthritis (bursitis?) in my right hip, which is always bad this time of year. Oh! And steroid shots help with the arthritis pain, too! It's a two-fer!!!

My allergies are STILL bad today -- it takes time for the shot to kick in. I felt kind of lousy in the afternoon and just laid down and slept, which was nice...

Sister Sue and I did go for lunch at the Fishwife. I got my fish and she had chowder with shrimp on top (and I brought home fish for Marilyn).

Marilyn didn't get home until late. She's been so tired this week, poor thing.

Marilyn and I went to Walmart when she got home. We were RETURNING the various James Bond movies we bought on our way home from Wildlife Safari that Marilyn was donating to the Auction (which has a Jame Bond theme this year). She spent around $50 on those. Now she's going to turn around and buy far more via Amazon -- and it's going to cost her more than double the amount of money. As she says, no good deed goes unpunished. Keep in mind that aside from all the work we both do for the Auction, we also buy tickets to attend ($100 each), we always give to the Appeal (the paddle raise -- it's a cash donation), we always buy drinks for others and purchase items for sale and we always donate items for sale. So this will be only one small part of what Marilyn gives to the Auction this year...

Anyway, it was a relief to get those returned. She didn't want to place the order until she knew she could get her initial money back. We also did some shopping while we were there...

There was a lot of coverage today on local TV about the Roseburg shooting, of course. Awful that it had a religious aspect. The shooter would ask if someone was a Christian. If they said yes, he'd shoot them in the head. Others (who were not Christians or who didn't answer) he shot in the leg or other places. They finally revealed the list of victims today. Sad.

Tomorrow is a work day in preparation for the Auction. I'm glad, because I tried to work on the PowerPoint here at home and COULDN'T GET IT TO WORK. I guess our home PP isn't compatible or something. It was another frustrating day when it came to my computer.

I bought a TINY speaker to use with my devices! It's called a Groove Cube and is cute and small. But the sad thing? It won't work with the device I actually wanted it for! Hahaha. It's bluetooth and my (very, very old) iPod doesn't have bluetooth capacity. Figures.

I gave Sue a pair of jeans today. She called tonight to tell me they fit her perfectly -- and Candy had told her how good they looked! Score! I'm so happy for her (and glad they worked out). Sometimes it's the little things that make us happy.

Marilyn and I have a TON to get done this weekend -- aside from work tomorrow. We must get our Auction clothes and get our manicures. We had planned to trim the front bushes, but that might need to wait. We don't plan to buy our new range until AFTER the Auction, so we'll have to get along until then.

As always, I'm forgetting things. But I'm tired, so this will have to do. Good night!
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