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Thursday: A Day of Frustration -- Capped By a Dead Oven

First, we had a tragedy in Oregon this morning. Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, had a shooting -- it was reported to 911 at 10:37 a.m. 10 died and 7 others were injured. I had the TV on all day following the story (mostly on local TV).

By the way, I knew this had happened around 10:30, but I had to look at three online articles before I could confirm that. News reporting isn't what it used to be! (Who, what, where, when and why -- remember???)

My day was just full of frustration. I was trying to find a way to move the 10,000 photos on my one iPad on to my computer (or Marilyn's PC, as the case may be -- I tried both).

For the record, syncing on iTunes is NOT the answer! You just do not have enough control!!! Suddenly I realize that damn crazy iTunes is trying to install EVERY APP WE'VE EVER PURCHASED on my 16 gig iPad! What the hell?????? I had to spend a ton of time deleting Apps that had been installed and then deleting Apps that were sitting there waiting to be installed. Are you kidding me?

I would have used my Apple Hate icon, but I was equally tempted to use a Microsoft Hate one. So I settled on Garbage, instead. Hahaha.

I do think it's ridiculous that iTunes is so hard to use that I can reason it out after hours of research today.

Here's what I want to do, in a nutshell. Take my photos and move them to my PC. It should be the easiest thing in the world! From what I can tell, it wouldn't be any easier with a Mac. But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe this is just Apple being a bitch because I prefer a PC over a Mac. So I guess I hate Apple more than Microsoft for being so impossible to use. And I'm NOT an average user by any means! I help train other people to use computers and devices. I'm the IT Manager for our organization. So if it's this hard for me, how hard is it for others???

In other news, my allergies suddenly went NUTS this afternoon -- around the time I was going in and out of the house working on the garbage and recycling. Yes, my allergies are BAD in Autumn. That usually means I'm in a bad way from September through November (or even December). Last year I saw Leslie about my allergies on October 24 -- and she gave me a steroid shot. I was thinking the minute this got bad today that I'd really like another shot. It doesn't help right away. And it's not perfect. But it does make a difference. I need to phone about it.

I tried using PhotoSync (an App that works on devices and computers) for transferring photos. I don't know if it's been messed up by the recent IOS change or what, but I could never get it to work and I tried several times. I've never had this issue before!

I did get the garbage and recycling done at a reasonable time, anyway (including the cat boxes). Now I just need to take out the composting and I'm done for another week...

I'm just sitting here scratching and sneezing and feeling crummy. (sigh) I hate allergies. Yeah, yeah, I know they only get worse with age...

I did move the photos off the fancy 128 gig Lexar jump drive and on to my external hard drive. I can't wait to look at all of them!

There was a ton more. Messing with the Roosevelt stuff. Messing with our domains. And on and on.

I didn't get my fish for lunch that I've been craving for ages. We were set to go (and bring home fish for Marilyn for tonight), but sister Sue got sick. I wonder if she had to stay home from cribbage tonight??? Gosh, I was disappointed. (I didn't ask Marilyn, but she had a lousy lunch today, I know that.)

We need to go to Walmart, but neither one of us feels like it tonight. So maybe tomorrow night...

Here's the topper of our day: Our OVEN sort of 'exploded' tonight. I had turned it on to preheat at 350, and I was on the phone with Marilyn, who was in the car driving home. Suddenly it started making a HORRIBLE sound, then there were FLAMES inside the oven! Smoke was pouring out, so I turned on the fan and opened the back door and the kitchen window (stupid me, it took me some time to remember the storm window wasn't open!). Marilyn used the stove top when she got home, but the oven is dead, poor thing.

Here's the thing, our range was IN THE HOUSE WHEN WE MOVED IN. We have no way of knowing how old it is! But it's almond in color, and that makes me think it might be from the 80's (or even the 70's, heaven forbid). Both the range and fridge were here and we've been just using them ever since. We knew they couldn't last forever, but think about this: We moved in in 1994! That means they've last us for 21 years. And they certainly weren't NEW when we got here. Wow. Talk about making appliances to last! The range is a Montgomery Ward by Tappan and the fridge is a Frigidaire Flair.

So we need to replace it (it's only money, gulp) at long last. But it's certainly worked great all this time!!! (I always thought the fridge would go out first...)

I'm tired, so I'm wrapping up and heading downstairs. As usual, I'm forgetting a bunch of stuff. But it will just have to keep, I guess. Or maybe it's not that important to begin with!

Good night all!
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