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Marilyn Monday: A Trip to Wildlife Safari (in Winston, Oregon)

Totally spur of the moment, Marilyn and I decided to drive to Winston, Oregon, and go to Wildlife Safari! We hadn't been yet this year, and I'm so glad we DID go today.

There were TONS of animals out and about! I don't think I've ever seen quite as many animals as active as they were today.

Both of the hippos were out of the water (!!!) and walking around. You never see that! The cheetahs (which often hide in the shadows) were pacing the outside edges of their cages. The brown bears were also out of the water (all but one) and walking around in plain sight -- which you normally never see! The black bears were out, there were deer walking all over the place, we saw the three giraffes up close. And when I was disappointed we'd missed the rhinos, suddenly both of them were there, too!

We saw a male turkey in all his feathered glory. We had one of the really big birds (not sure what it was) come right up to the car and stick his head inside -- and he looked downright MEAN. I couldn't close my window quickly enough, to be honest. The buffaloes were rolling in the dirt (I guess to chase off bugs). Only the lions and tigers seemed typically lazy, hiding in the shade and lying low. One of the elephants was throwing straw or hay on his/her back. And another was being fed handfuls of some kind of food.

We went inside long enough to pay our membership for the year -- and we did glance at jackets (we want to get a new one for sister Sue, but weren't sure about the size). We're thinking we'll drive back again before the end of the year, so maybe we can get her a jacket then. (We feel bad she lost her other one.)

I have to say I'd highly recommend people give it a try going this time of year! Apparently the weather was just PERFECT for the animals. It was exciting to get to see that many really up close! We loved the brown bears so much that we drove around their area twice.

The train wasn't running, so we couldn't ride it (and we love doing that). But that's okay.

We made our normal stop at Arby's on the way there and got a bite to eat and some drinks. They have sliders now, which were yummy.

And we stopped briefly at Walmart on the way home and picked up a few things. (No list, so not much. But Marilyn bought James Bond movies to donate for the upcoming Auction, which has a James Bond theme.)

We were driving home in the dark part of the way, but traffic wasn't bad, so that was fine. Anyway, we got back before 9:30. The cats were both VERY GLAD to see us.

Back to work tomorrow! We're going to try to get to bed at a reasonable time tonight. We didn't get in until after 3:00 last night...
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