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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Quiet Day -- Sunday 
colin relax
I'm really ANNOYED right now! I was trying to post to my blog from my iPad. I stopped for a minute or two and the damn thing dumped the entry. So I came upstairs to blog on my desktop computer (always my best bet -- but not always convenient). And it asked if it should 'restore from draft' -- so I allowed myself to get very excited, stupid me. I said yes, but it didn't restore a single word...

Anyway, today was a very quiet day for Marilyn and me. We'd talked about going up the Gorge to see the eclipse of the super moon, but decided we were just too tired. We had actually chatted about it yesterday at Rich and Merlin's party and were maybe going to go with a woman we met there for the first time...

We did go outside to get a look at the eclipse. Not that you could see much here in town. A lot of our neighbors were out to see it.

And we went out long enough to go shopping at Freddies. Then we went down to the office to do some work after. There was a man sleeping in the doorway and I had to move him (we couldn't have opened the door, otherwise!) so we could get inside. Annoying. I feel bad for all the homeless, believe me. But it's hard to deal directly with someone when you need to get inside a building they're blocking. He wasn't happy with me, believe me.

We took time to catch up with "Fear the Walking Dead" today, watching three episodes we'd missed. And there was a new episode on tonight.

The main problem with the show? I really don't like any of the characters. The only character at this point that I really like is Liza, Travis' ex-wife (which probably means she's expendable). I was liking her son Chris up until he and Alicia broke in to a house and start to just trash it for no good reason. Ugh. The drug addicted Nick is VERY ANNOYING, his mother whines all the time and enables Nick, but at least she can take action when it's necessary. I could list negative aspects of almost every character, anyway. Too bad.

Some of the episodes have been boring, to tell the truth. It got better as it went along. And I STRONGLY AGREE with something I read in a review: I think it would be highly realistic for them to refer to the zombies as ZOMBIES. Why the hell wouldn't they??? I've read more than once that people find it ridiculous in "The Walking Dead" that no one calls them zombies (which I've said since DAY ONE). As that other review said, in our world we believe in zombies, so we'd immediately be calling them that. So what world are we supposedly in, anyway?

And -- SURPRISE!!! -- the military is BAD in "Fear the Walking Dead." Of course they are. As are the police and any other form of authority. This is a such a teenage boy vision of the world that it makes me gag. Yes, there are bad people in the military and yes, there are bad police. And some of the leaders of our various governments are bad, too. But NOT ALL OF THEM. With TWD you just naturally tend to assume that ALL newcomers are going to be bad -- or that the chances they'll be bad are 2 to 1.

And don't get me started about TWD and religion. Again, I guess it's the teenage boy view of the world. As we watch the nation's reaction to the visit of the Pope, I have a hard time with that view of religion. But it's only what I expect on TWD or FTWD. I can't be the only person who finds it ridiculous that there aren't any decent religious on either series. But I need to lower my expectations a ton. Think comic book reality, Charlie! But I spent so much of my life defending comics (and the maturity level of comic material), that it's annoying to even say that. (Yes, I lived in the DC universe of The Batman and Superman and 'Truth, Justice and the American Way,' no doubt. Hahaha.)

Ultimately, they can create whatever world they want -- because it's not really meant to represent a world of reality, anyway. But as bad a series as "V" was in many ways, they seemed to deal well with the mix of good and bad characters. And they way they viewed religion was pretty damn good. Oh well. (Most of you probably never even saw the series "V" -- but there were things today about FTWD that reminded both Marilyn and me of that show.)

Well, we're headed to bed as soon as I finish up this blog entry, so I'll bid you all goodnight!
September 28, 2015 (Monday) 09:04 am (UTC)
Nicole and I went with Bryan and his Mom Pat to lunch to celebrate her birthday which is tomorrow. She turns 70. We had a nice time. They had gone over to Starbucks and watched Nicole work before she saw them. They were very pleased to see how well she does. We went to Vancouver for Sushi and Thai food. It was good, of course I do not do the Sushi but they all love it.
Glad you had a quiet day. You need some rest.
September 28, 2015 (Monday) 10:57 pm (UTC)
Sorry you didn't get to see the eclipse!