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Beautiful Autumn Day -- Rich and Merlin's Wedding

First, today was a WORK day for Marilyn (and me, too). We went in to the office early for a Nominating day. There were seven people interviewing today for positions on our Board.

Marilyn, Jeff and Ashley were there to represent the Staff (Marilyn leads Nominating).

Arthur, Brett, Leslie, Teri, Jeff and Dave were there from the Board.

I was working the front desk, greeting each candidate as they arrived. I had to let them in (we always have a locked door) and have them sit in the lobby area. Then I like to visit with each person and help them to relax. They're generally nervous before the interview.

And I knew a few of the people, so of course that made it easy to make conversation with those individuals. I'm outgoing, so it's also easy for me to be friendly with strangers.

The strange thing today? I managed to leave my cell phone home. It was sitting out in the living room, so I don't know how I could have gone out of the house without it! I used the Find My iPhone App on my iPad to make sure that's where it was (easily confirmed). And I just had to live with it...

I organized a couple of drawers in Marilyn's office while I was there. I've been going to do that for ages.

Anyway, once I'd greeted all seven people, my role was done. So I did the drawers, then headed upstairs to my own space so I could do some work there.

Nominating was completely done by a quarter to 2:00 -- our plan all along was to leave by 2:00 to go to Rich and Merlin's house for their reception barbecue.

Their wedding was today and they had LOVELY weather for it! I guess several people from work showed up, even though a bunch of us couldn't because of work (Marilyn, Jeff, Carol, Ashley and me). Anyway, Marilyn and I got to hear all about it at the reception.

It really wasn't hard to find the house. We'd been a little worried, but it was simple.

They have a small house, but it's really nice! And their yard is amazing. They've really worked hard on their home and it shows.

We'd originally planned to just drop by and offer greetings and good wishes, give them our card and leave. (It's been a long, hard week.) But we had SUCH A GOOD TIME that we stayed for three hours!

It was a small group of people, but we all had a lovely time visiting with each other. And Rich cooked chicken on the barbecue (with a lot of help from the other men there). Plus there were two salads, fresh corn on the cob, olives, chips and clam dip and garlic bread. People were drinking champagne (including me) and wine (including Marilyn -- who doesn't do champagne) and eating lots of helpings of food. (Yes, they had bottled water and soda, too, but most of us weren't drinking that.)

Good company, lovely surroundings, good food and lots to drink -- it was a great party! And, yeah, I drank WAY TOO MUCH CHAMPAGNE. (smile) And I don't feel even a little guilty about that.

Their daughter, Jenny, had come from across country with her family to be at the wedding. She's quite a character. Very outgoing and different. There was music at her insistence, and she was frequently dancing around the yard. She's a professional masseuse, and gave some full massages, plus walked around the yard and rubbed many shoulders and backs. When she got to me (just as we were leaving), she knew just by LOOKING AT ME that I had a bad hip! Isn't that fascinating?

One of the women we met there wants to get together and do something with Marilyn and me. Actually, we sat with two women and they were both amazing and fun!

Anyway, we came home and were watching a little TV and I kept falling asleep sitting up. Both of us were tired, so we finally just took long naps.

We'd thought about maybe going to Walmart tonight, but when we woke up, we just decided we weren't up for it.

It's time for bed and we're both tired tonight. It was a long day after a long week.

We need to go in to the office again tomorrow. Beyond that, I'm not really sure what we'll do on Sunday or Monday. We've talked about several possibilities, so we'll see...

Final note: Marilyn wants me to get a new iPad. I'm having so many issues with the old ones I use. I guess it's time...
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