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Beautiful Autumn Day -- Shopping (Costco and Freddies)

The cool thing today? Marilyn was able to meet sister Sue and me for lunch at the Burrito House! That was really nice.

The not nice part of it was waitress Lonnie telling us they were now serving store bought Chiles Rellenos and Enchiladas! She actually recommended we not order those...

Sister Sue had a blood draw this morning. I tried to phone her to see if she'd watched Pope Francis give his WONDERFUL speech in front of Congress, but she missed it. Marilyn and I watched and loved it.

Anyway, Sue picked me up early (we'd planned for her to be here at 9:30) and we headed to Costco, which isn't supposed to open until 10:00 -- but they opened early!

We bought everything we needed. I had quite a few things, including some HEAVY stuff. Walking around out there and pushing a heavy cart? Yeah, I was tired after that. But I did get a lot of steps in! I have 5,600 for today.

After that we brought my stuff home so I could put it away. Then we went to lunch. And after lunch Sue took me to Freddies to shop (more steps!).

I was tired enough after that to take a short nap before I started in on the garbage and recycling (including cleaning the cat boxes). And I had to put away all the groceries and stuff from Costco that I hadn't done earlier.

June called with computer problems, so I went over there. I was a mess! I'd been sweating up a storm while working at the house. And I was still so tired. (I guess I needed a longer nap. Hahaha.)

I got some info from June so I could talk to Donn. I called him when I got home.

While I was there, Marilyn phoned. She worked late tonight because of Nominating (which was today and she has again this Saturday) -- such a busy time for her! I thought she might be done and getting ready to drive home, but she was ALREADY HOME! So I headed home.

Before I got there, I ran into our neighbors Janet and Doug, who were just back from their trip to Hawaii (wedding anniversary and Janet's birthday trip). So we chatted about their trip and Marilyn's and my recent trip to New York.

Marilyn was watching a horror film when I came in, so I joined her. It was called "The Ruins," a 2008 movie. It got mixed reviews, but was considered a financial success, making back the cost in the first weekend it was released. It was interesting, anyway. I guess they also made a sequel...

We ate take home food from lunch for dinner. We still have our Berry Sundaes from Costco to eat, too. (smile)

I need to finish up the recycling and composting (and take out garbage). It's not 'real' garbage week, so it's okay if all the garbage doesn't go out today.

A woman we know is dealing with domestic issues that are very upsetting. I'm praying for her.

And I'm still praying for our friend Gene.

Sue's friend Donnie passed recently from heart-related issues. Too young, but recent years had been very hard on him. He made one of my rings custom to my request, and repaired another one better than new. He was an artist, and really good with computers, too. But there's no money in that and he had a lot of financial issues...

Sue's close friend Bob (sort of like family -- and a former boss of mine) is in a nursing home and very lonely. His sister lost her husband and is all alone in another state. He's hoping she'll join him at the nursing home so they can keep each other company.

I'm probably forgetting stuff, but that's it for today.
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