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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Computer Junk... 
computer, computer monitor
Well, it was one of those days were I spent a bunch of time on the computer. I needed to go through email here at home (as I did yesterday at the office).

Then I was working with the software BlueStacks. And it wasn't working as expected, which meant I needed to totally uninstall and reinstall it. You use BlueStacks for any Apps that would normally only work on devices (like smart phones or tablets). I use it for Instagram on the PC.

That is one LONG uninstall and a LONG reinstall -- plus I had some complications I had to adjust for. Anyway, I finally got it done...

BlueStacks lets people who don't have devices use Instagram from a PC. Cool, huh? And apparently other Apps, too (I've never tried any others).

TMI Warning!!! The next paragraph is yucky info. You've been warned...

I had a bowel issue day, which happens all the time for me (and is a lifelong problem). I do need to mention that Activia -- which I'd quit eating for some time -- really does help. Anyway, I'm back using it daily again. But I had a lot to deal with, which gave me cramps and other discomfort most of today. Nothing serious, though. And I'm fine tonight.

TMI over!!! (smile)

Marilyn got our car washed this morning and then took it for the oil change (etc.). They're REALLY BAD about customer service, I'm afraid. After she'd been there for two and half hours (!!!), she finally went to see what was what. They'd simply neglected to TELL HER that her car was ready. WTF????

She had a busy day at the office, anyway, and got home late.

I'm trying to think about the other computer stuff I tackled, but I'm tired and it slips my mind right now.

We're THRILLED about the Pope's visit to America, in case I haven't mentioned it! It's such a blessing for the nation.

I made a Peanut character of myself and will share it here:


(Clicking on the above will take you to the full size version.) Isn't it cute? Marilyn gave me a hard time that I'm wearing HER favorite shirt in this picture! I should have noticed that! Hahaha.

The Peanuts movie comes out in November.

My online friend Danny told me about the site. I guess they were discussing it on the Today show this morning. If you want to check it out, it's HERE (peanutizeme.com).

Sister Sue and I are going to Costco tomorrow. I really need some stuff, so I'm very glad!

I talked to June today, who had gone to Kathy (my new hairdresser) today for a perm. Unfortunately, she also lost her diamond ring at some point (she discovered it this morning). I'm praying for her to find it again (maybe it's in her house, fingers crossed...).

I'm heading to bed, so I'll cut this short.

Oh! I just finally colored my hair, at long last. About time.

And they've already released IOS 9.1 for all the complaints about version 9. Reminds me of when DOS 6 came out, years and years ago. Hahaha.

Good night!
September 24, 2015 (Thursday) 10:33 am (UTC)
Will go to the hospital for my blood draw in the morning and pick you up after that. Looking forward to being with you tomorrow.
September 24, 2015 (Thursday) 05:54 pm (UTC)

I'm excited about the Pope's visit too, and have been following what I can when I can, though I only caught the tail-end of his address to Congress this morning because my friend Jeri was talking my ear off on the phone (she's a talker!). I'm not Catholic but as the reporters have been pointing out, one doesn't have to be Catholic to appreciate a spiritual leader who is selflessly hands-on and steadfastly seeks to unify all of humankind. ♥

I saw your Peanut character on FB and can't get over how much she looks like you (even if you do have Marilyn's top on *LOL*). She's so cute, and I just might try to make one for myself! ;)

I'll certainly be praying June finds her wedding ring - how awful to have misplaced it! :(

Happy Thursday, Charlie! ♥
September 24, 2015 (Thursday) 10:46 pm (UTC)
It was cool to hear the Pope say "God bless America" in front of congress.