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Beautiful Day -- Marilyn and Me at the Office Alone

Okay, so it's NOW actually 2:00-ish on Wednesday morning -- but I want to cover what happened on Tuesday. So I'm backdating (as always) to reflect the day before. Just a heads up, guys...

I was so tired that I conked out when I had my 'nap' tonight, and just woke up. Believe me when I say I missed a bunch of stuff that was going on while I was sleeping. (sigh) Isn't that how it always goes?

Anyway, it was a nice day at the office! Marilyn and I actually enjoyed having the place entirely to ourselves.

Most of the staff was at the fair up in Washington on their field trip. We had been expecting Shelley to be at the office, but have NO IDEA where she was. (We never heard from her all day long.)

Jeff called from IFEA -- that was an interesting phone call, to say the least! He had a lot to say about how things were going at the convention, where he wasn't even asked to present this year...

We got to the office, then Marilyn needed to head out directly to her important meeting with SCI 3.2 (formerly Studio Concepts), our official float builders. This was originally supposed to be with both Kendra and Gene, but Gene wasn't there. He's dealing with his medical situation (I'm praying a lot about this right now), so Marilyn met with Kendra alone -- but she said they had a very good meeting.

I ended up riding along and then just doing stuff in the car during the actual meeting.

After that we headed back downtown. What a gorgeous day!!! Just a totally beautiful Indian summer day, with bright blue skies. Lovely the entire day.

I phoned the City about the whole Arts Tax thing from yesterday. I am exempt and will have to fill out paperwork to prove it. I spoke with Joan who was a big help (I reached her easily) and who told me that sister Sue was exempt, too. People over 70 are permanently exempt -- I need to fill out paperwork every year for my exemption. Joan is sending me papers in the mail that she admitted were very confusing and hard to fill out. Great, huh???

Both Marilyn and I worked a TON on our email today. We've got PILES of it all the time to deal with. At the end of the day I think we both felt pretty good about our results!

I did some computer maintenance stuff on my work computer. I really, really need to get Donn in the office to work on maintenance projects. It's not going to be easy, however, with all the Auction stuff EVERYWHERE this year! There are at least FIVE computers that we can't even reach at this point in time (!!!).

Marilyn and I got home around six or so (I honestly don't remember exactly when) tonight. Then we made a big pot of chili for dinner.

I didn't sleep at all well last night, so I was really TIRED. I only recall lying down around eight (after dinner) and just conking out before I could even read very much. And that's my day!

We still need to get together with cousin Linda for her 60th birthday. Maybe take her out for a meal or a movie, I guess. Or at least coffee. She really hasn't been keeping in touch this year, so it's hard to know...

Sister Sue and I want to go to Costco. I'm not sure WHEN at this point, but we did talk about going this week...

Marilyn has an appointment for the CAR tomorrow. We're supposed to take it to the car wash prior to that (in the morning). Not sure if I'm going in with her or not...

Yes, I still need to color my hair. (sigh) It's more work than it sounds like, and I have a hard time getting myself up for it these days. But I need to do it!!! It looks pretty bad. The funny thing? When my hair grows out, I look BALD in spots! It's absolutely NOT TRUE (I have thick hair), but the white spots appear that way. We make a lot of jokes about it, anyway.

Marilyn and I were pretty excited about the Pope's visit to the United States that started today. Gosh, he's an amazing man! And so many people love him. We were wondering about our friend Thom (who has met the Pope many times), and whether or not he was going back east for the visitation.

Adeena officially started back to school yesterday, but was actually going to class today. I hope her day went well!!!

I guess that's it for today. I hope all my friends are doing well!

Maybe tomorrow I'll be ready to discuss IFEA and the Pinnacle award stuff. What a joke. Hey, that might end up true, by the way! I'll explain soon. (grin)
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