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New IOS 9 for Apple Devices -- The First Day of Autumn

Marilyn and I decided to update our IOS for our Apple devices today to IOS 9, which came out on September 16. If you have an iPad or iPhone, you, too, may have decided to update your IOS -- or you may plan to do so soon.

Marilyn did both her iPad Air and her (new) iPhone 5. I did both of my iPads, but haven't yet done my iPhone (I have the IOS downloaded, but not yet installed).

I was worried I wouldn't be able to do this on my older model iPad 2s, but it went quite well, really. Marilyn was actually USING her iPad while it updated (!!!), but I certainly couldn't do that.

The results???

I'm having a lot of Apps CRASH like mad right now. I think it's because this is a brand new IOS, which probably needs tweaking. Plus as always there are Apps which probably aren't yet compatible with the new IOS.

One of these is an App I use daily: Snapseed. It has amazing filters for images and is FREE (believe it or not!). It's a Google App and both Marilyn and I love it (and have a lot of friends who use it, too). You can't SAVE YOUR WORK right now with Snapseed. Fortunately there's a workaround! You 'export' rather than 'save.' Works like a charm.

There are changes to PHOTOS (yet again) with this new IOS. I'm not sure whether it's good or bad at this point. It's maybe too soon to tell. But I think it appears to be positive.

I have lots more to test, so we'll see in the next few days...

It's also supposed to HELP battery life. That would be great, if true, as neither of my iPads holds a charge very well anymore. I don't mind, as I'm pretty used to it. And I carry charging cables everywhere! (Except to the US Open, where I needed them for our iPhones! Both went DEAD and I couldn't charge either of them without the cable that I'd left in our hotel room... sigh...)

Well, I'll keep testing and continue to let you know what I think. Many of the NEW features/improvements do NOT apply to older devices (like mine). In fact, Marilyn's iPad Air is not considered a 'new' device in this case, either! So we're not getting the split-screen feature or the picture-in-picture thing, either. Oh well. (I'm guessing that's true for our phones, too.)

I just remain happy we can keep loading these upgrades, because you never know when that might not be possible! And it can become a problem for using the Apps we love...

Wednesday, September 23, marks the first day of Autumn for this year. If fell on the twenty-third LAST year, too. Apparently it goes back and forth between September 22 and 23. In 2016 and 2017 it will fall on the twenty-second. Then back to the twenty-third.

The equinox supposedly means that day and night are exactly equal on that given day, by the way.

Tomorrow Marilyn and I will be in the office, while most of the staff is off for the Pullayup Fair (in Pullayup, Washington). This is a field trip that Marilyn helped plan. She needs to stay behind for an important meeting, and I decided to remain behind with her. Jeff is still at the IFEA convention (with Arthur). Shelley will also be in the office tomorrow, but she's the only one. The phones will be TURNED OFF (woo hoo) and it should be very quiet!

Adeena was at the office today helping out -- it was WONDERFUL to see her!!! (I've missed her so much.)

Marilyn got the four of us who went on the Rosie roadtrip CERTIFICATES for the event!!! Wasn't that nice of her??? They were in the office today. Very exciting!

We'll be heading to bed soon.

Oh! I did speak to Donn this morning about June's computer. He had quite a time fixing it. From what he told me it was a TON of work (and took him many hours to do). He described it in some detail. I was just GLAD that he could actually fix it! The new crap that's out there is much harder to take off than stuff used to be. He was pretty frustrated by this junk. I'm glad it wasn't me trying to do it! I used to be able to get crap off back in the old days, but not in recent years! I always have to have Donn help with it in the office when things happen, which thankfully has been rare in the last couple of years...

We have a NO UPDATE policy in our office -- and only Donn does our updates when it's necessary! I think that saves us a lot of grief.

I hope to talk to June about it tomorrow. There just wasn't any time today...

Oh! And I came home to a letter and BILL from the City of Portland today! They want $50 from me for the Portland Arts Tax! Marilyn researched this and determined I didn't have to pay it (originally $35 -- with a $15 late fee). Considering I don't file taxes (I'm a volunteer for the festival!!!), I don't see how it can apply to me. I was BOILING MAD when I got it! But it was well after 6:00, and their office closes at 5:00, of course. So I'll have to phone tomorrow and straighten it out. If I don't pay by October 15 they'll tack on another $20!!! What the hell???
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