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Quiet Day -- Saturday

Marilyn got up first thing today and dashed off to her hair appointment. I got up long enough to do my blood and head straight back to bed. I was still tired (and I woke with a sore throat).

Right now Marilyn is playing Zuma on her desktop computer while I blog on my desktop computer. (Our computers are side by side in our upstairs office at home.)

Marilyn and I are wondering what's happening with June's computer -- and how far along Donn is checking it out. I imagine it might take him a few days to finish with it.

We watched "Svengoolie" tonight, which featured an old favorite of ours, "Hold That Ghost" -- yes, another great Abbott and Costello flick! We even turned all the lights out while we watched. Hahaha. Just like when we were kids! Gotta love Chuck (Bud Abbott) and Ferdie (Lou Costello)!!! The movie is a 1941 comedy horror film, for those who don't know. And if you're NOT Abbott and Costello fans, then WHY NOT??? Yes, I highly recommend this wonderful old movie.

As for today, aside from Marilyn going out to see Summer (her hair dresser), we didn't leave the house. We TALKED about it, but just decided not to. We'd been going to take a ride (maybe up the Gorge). Or go to a movie. But we were both tired and ended up lying around most of the day. I slept a bunch, personally, when I wasn't reading my Kindle. And we both watched TV and played on our iPads. A lovely, quiet day.

The Andrew Sisters were in the movie, too, by the way. I love their music! (Mom always did, too.)

We made a pizza and ate it. One of those California Pizza Kitchen brand pizzas that we enjoy. We really like the Margherita pizza (topped with tomatoes, olive oil, sweet basil, mozzarella and Fontina cheeses on a crispy thin crust). These are very easy to make and only take 20 minutes in the oven...

Gosh. I didn't tell about Friday!!! Oh well. Maybe tomorrow. Or maybe not! Hahaha.

Well, anyway, that's our Saturday. Hope YOU had a good one, too! Good night all.
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