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Snow. Ice Pellets. Sleet. And Freezing Rain To Come.

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Okay, so is that good or bad? I have no clue... (grin)

Anyway, that's probably the happiest moment of this entry!

I'll write now, seeing as I've no clue if we'll have power for long. (sigh)

Snow finally came early this morning.

Fortunately by 5:30 a.m. they announced Portland/Vancouver public schools were closed. (Portland school closure is how they determine whether the PRFA office will be closed -- and I certainly did not want Marilyn out in this weather!!!)

This is very dry snow -- not like the last time around at all. (Which was very wet, heavy, 'snowman' snow.)

This is the coldest I can ever recall it being in Portland in my lifetime! Bitter.

Highways, freeways and roads that never close are closed. City and state offices sent non-essentials home at 1:00 p.m. (those who'd ventured to work in the first place, that is).

The sound of sleet (?) accompanies the non-stop news coverage on the TV as I type this...

The best part is having Marilyn home, who is still not entirely well. (She's been fighting an almost constant headache since Sunday.) She might have a sinus infection, we're guessing. The cold air doesn't help any.

I did go out long enough to recover a plant that had it's 'blankie' come off, just outside the back door -- and later in the day to put warm water and food out for the poor birds.

My neighbor called to tell her tale of the half-frozen hummingbird she and her husband had revived. That's when she and I both determined to get water and food outside somehow...

I built a 'shelter' (of sorts) out of carboard boxes, a stick for support, a blanket to cover and hold it. With small plastic buckets of warm water inside and some food. One poor woodpecker has been staying at the base of the nearby tree, pecking away there. I'm guessing he's sticking by for the water, as they live on insects, and not seed.

Then I made a shelter with an old umbrella in the back for the blue jays. (I heard crows earlier but haven't seen any around.) And I put out more water and nuts as well as old cookies I'd crumbled.

Even with gloves that might be the coldest my hands have ever been in my life! And I was only out for 45 minutes, max.

Speaking of max, our MAX (mass transit) lines are closed down, too. You can't run them with ice on the tracks.

No mail to date. I figure we can't count on the mailman getting here, regardless of reports that they're still able to deliver.

We had some hot food and plan to have some more soon -- in case we lose power.

I dread the thought of how quickly it will chill in the house if we do lose power. It's hovering around 20 degrees right now. We've been literally running our poor old furnace non-stop for days now.

We've got food and water. (I'm wondering if I should bring more in from the garage. There's no insulation out there and it might freeze in the bottles.) Hand-crank can openers (uncooked food?) as they recommend. Flashlights and batteries.

We even have a battery-powered TV. (No cable with that, but hey...)

Well, I'll post this now and see about more hot food. Try and post more later -- if I still can!

I hope all my local friends are hanging in okay. I need to call some of them.

We've got no land phone -- I wonder if I maybe kept one somewhere that I could hook up??? -- in the house, which means if we lose power we lose our phone, too. (ugh)
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