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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
...one page at a time
Home (and Hector), Poor June, Sister Sue and More... 
So much to cover, too tired to write that much. I'll just hit highlights, I guess...

First, this evening my poor friend June phoned and had a computer issue. Somehow somebody got her to do what NONE of us want to do -- download something bad on to her computer. I've been there myself in the past (who hasn't?). We can only hope that we LEARN from our mistakes not to keep doing it.

It appeared to be a necessary update/upgrade. At our office, we have a NO UPGRADE policy to keep this from happening. Happily we've got Donn to do these for us (as part of his job). Lots of times here at home I just don't do them at all. Better safe than sorry, I guess.

Anyway, after that she got a big sign on her computer that she'd been HACKED. It had her call a phone number for assistance. Then they actually took control of her computer. Part way through she quit on them, not ready to pay for anything. Then she called me. I had her call Donn. He took her offline and will go through her desktop until he figures out what they did so he can fix it. Such a mess.

At least she can continue using her iPad in the meantime, which is a blessing...

I wasn't much help, except to run over and make sure she was unplugged from the internet. Donn is the expert for these cases.

In other news...

I recently mentioned the birthday of June's mother, Dorothy -- and that I'd blogged about her last year with photos. I had an issue with one photo loading, and it turns out it wasn't a photo of Dorothy at all (June told me today). The Scrapbook sometimes messes up -- and it seems that photo wasn't mine! Weird, huh? Hahaha. Anyway, I fixed that today.

Good old LiveJournal, keeping me on my toes!

Just to be clear, some friends were NOT down during the day. Originally I DID get a message that LJ WAS down (plus the down-right-now site listed it as down, too). So it wasn't just me. But I'm glad it was working for some people. And I'm VERY GLAD it's back for me, too, now!

Sister Sue and I did go shopping this morning, first thing. She had to see her doctor about doing another sleep study today, so we needed to get it out of the way. It was a quick trip, thankfully!

I still need to pick up prescriptions, but I'm not totally out of anything, so whatever!

I phoned Hector and got him out here today to do A TON OF WORK in the yard. And I do mean a ton!!! He and his two guys were here for hours and hours this afternoon.

They cleaned out the lilac bush (it's maybe half the size it was!). And worked extensively on the curly willow tree in the corner -- which is the tree Hector created from a branch of the old tree many, many years ago.

He also did the gutters (first thing, actually).

The back and side yards were FULL of debris and branches at one point -- and it took him two trips to the dump to clear everything away from here! He also cleaned up (power blew) the entire yard. He needs to get back for the tree out front. But he did cut branches on the corner tree to get it off the roof.

Sort of a winterizing job, I guess you could say. We really, really needed it done, anyway.

I was in and out and in and out. I was so tired out you'd think I'd worked out there myself! I did clear the front bed so they could haul that debris, too. It's ready to plant now. And Marilyn and I want to get to the front bushes if we get a chance -- they need cutting back yet again. Work, work, work. I suppose it's a good thing to have a yard, but after you reach a certain age you start to wish you DIDN'T HAVE one to worry about. Seriously!

I also did the garbage and recycling around the house again today, as this is our garbage night (the real deal). I had a TON of composting this week! Goodness.

And I cooked acorn squash for dinner. Plus roast beef hash and seasoned kale to stuff it. (We also had cottage cheese.) When you put those three items inside the squash, it makes quite a lovely meal!

Marilyn didn't get home until well past 7:00 tonight. We ate, watched some "Jeopardy" on DVR and then both took naps and totally conked out. What a week! It's hard getting back into our routine after our busy vacation...

I didn't mention the RAIN today! Three downpours!!! I was caught out in the rain a couple of times, drenched as I ran back inside the house. Ugh. Poor Hector and his men!!!

And that was pretty much my day. I just took out the last of the garbage, recycling and composting and should now be washing my hair. (sigh) I'm tired and just want to go BACK TO BED. But I'm supposed to go to work tomorrow, and really can't go without washing my hair.

Obviously I did NOT get around to coloring it today. I don't know what made me think I would!!!

I just wrote myself a reminder note about the CHECK for Hector! I don't want to forget to leave it for him in the morning.

Plus I have several wedding cards to take to the office! We can circulate a card and have it signed and ready to give to Rich on Monday when he's in.

Good night, all.
September 18, 2015 (Friday) 11:53 am (UTC)
Charlie, You worked too hard again today. I hope you do not get this cold that Nicole and I have had. I do feel a little better now. Yes it poured rain but we sure needed it. Glad that Hector got all of that work done for you. I did well at cribbage tonight. Got 12 points, came in 3rd and won $25. My son Larry was first again. He has made points the last three weeks. Mady came over but did not play so she could visit with Nicole. They have not seen each other much with Nicole so busy with school and work. I am not going to go to the office Monday. You can call me and let me know how it goes.
September 18, 2015 (Friday) 11:48 pm (UTC)
That does sound busy!