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LiveJournal Down ALL DAY LONG!

Well, it was surprising (and upsetting) to have LiveJournal down today. For the record, though I'm posting for Wednesday, September 16, it's actually Thursday, September 17 -- at nearly 3:00 a.m. I tried to post before midnight, but couldn't, because of the outage (whatever caused it). If you go to the STATUS SITE for LiveJournal, it only reads: LiveJournal is up and functioning normally at this time. There's no explanation of what happened. (The last post at News was on August 7, so there's nothing there...)

I always get upset when LJ is down. I just would HATE to ever have it go down and not come back again. I suppose it's ridiculous to worry about that, but we certainly used to, way back when...

Anyway, I was originally planning to go to work tomorrow, but will stay home again. I went shopping today with sister Sue, but FORGOT a couple of essential items. I'm hopeful she'll take me back to pick them up tomorrow! (And I need to get prescriptions, too, I think.) Anyway...

Marilyn had a super-busy day -- which included meetings all afternoon long! She's excited about tomorrow and Friday, because she only has one thing on her calendar for each day -- meaning she can get other work done. Good for her!!!

I watered the plants, which really needed it. And shopped with Sue (as I said), getting a lot of things we really needed (including paper products like toilet tissue and paper towels). I walked enough today to make 4,000 steps, at least. I'm anxious to get back to more walking again!

We had fried green tomatoes for dinner. Very yummy, but I feel like I hate too many...

I was supposed to color my hair today, but felt too tired to face it (for whatever reason). Maybe tomorrow!

Sue and I also went to the Dollar Tree where I bought light bulbs, which we also needed. Almost forgot to mention it! It's funny that we only get light bulbs there now. They carry the old version and it's very affordable. So what the heck.

I'm forgetting things I wanted to mention!

Oh! The festival did a press release about the Rosie Rally. They finally authenticated it: We made a count of 1,084 Rosies! So exciting. Anyway, Rich put out the release today. I'm sure glad we made that trip!!!

Sue and I need to go to Costco. Maybe next week. I'm sure my 'husband' will be fine with it, but Sue needs to talk to her 'husband.' (smile)

I'm forgetting things, but it's late and I'm tired. Off to bed now!
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