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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Forks, Washington -- Bella's Birthday 
charlie 2012 beige
Marilyn and I slept in at the beach house. Then we got up, got ready, packed everything up and headed out to drive to Forks, Washington.

We had a LOVELY drive -- it was such a beautiful day, and that's quite a beautiful drive.

We'd each taken along a bag with Twilight books inside (five, all told). Stephenie Meyer was there signing books (supposedly up to five per person) -- and taking photos with fans.

Well, we got in line and started waiting. An hour passed. Then ninety minutes. Then two hours. Then two and a half hours. And finally we were at three hours waiting in line -- and realized we might only be HALF WAY THROUGH THE LINE. That would mean standing at least another two hours in line (or more). So we gave up and left.

We weren't that excited about getting the books signed, but we did want the photos with her! So, yes, we were a bit disappointed (especially after a three hour wait), but oh well. We just couldn't do it any longer.

By the way, it was quite a HOT day in Forks. Marilyn went to get us something to drink at one point. And we hadn't taken sunscreen, because we weren't expecting hot weather. But we think a lot of people were suffering more than we did. There were slews of young people all around us complaining up a storm. And they'd have to sit on the ground or move into the shade -- or leave entirely (with mom to hold their places in line). We quit, yes. But we never whined and carried on.

Sidebar: We've NEVER been in Forks when it wasn't a bright, sunny day! So much for a town with lots of rain, huh???

The drive home was also nice. And we stopped for Chinese food at the Lucky Dragon Restaurant in Kalama, Washington. This was like a RERUN of last year's trip home, as related in THIS BLOG ENTRY (from Saturday, September 13, 2014). Except last year we didn't get to the place until a quarter to. This year we were there by 9:30. Hahaha.

I'll tell you one thing: The Twilight fandom is here to stay! They had a HUGE turnout! Hundreds of people, I'm not kidding. Very different from what we saw last year.

OH!!! And Marilyn's Dr. Carlisle tee shirt got a TON of attention! Everybody loved it! She'd had it for five years and never wore it before today...

The cats are pretty happy to see us, after our recent trip to New York City, then being gone last night and all day today. Poor babies! We did miss them, I have to admit.

It's LOVELY to be home. I'm sure Marilyn is exhausted after the long, long drive (though she says she's not). And we're both sore from being on our feet -- holding our heavy purses PLUS bags of books! Goodness.

I'm really ready for BED now! Good night!

(We've certainly had a busy, exciting and FUN summer, I have to say! A road trip to California, our trip to NYC and now a dash to the beach house and road trip to Forks! Just on the go, quite a bit!)
September 13, 2015 (Sunday) 05:36 pm (UTC)
Sorry you didn't get to meet her.
But, it's good the rest of the day went well!
September 13, 2015 (Sunday) 06:11 pm (UTC)
Sounds like you had a good trip but too bad about the huge wait in the line. I think you did the correct thing to give it up. I still thought you were going back to the beach house for last night, but I am sure your boys were very glad to have you back home. They really missed you even with me there. Henry was all right with me but not Colin He wanted his people. Nicole worked all day yesterday and is doing the same today. She and 13 friends went to the show last night and they had lots of fun. Her cold and mine are still bothering us, but mine is getting better. Need to change my bed and do a bunch of laundry.