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9/11 is Here Again...

Interesting to face this day after just returning from New York City. I will never forget that year and what that day was like -- especially as I spent much of it ENTIRELY ALONE at home, which was very, very hard, I'm telling you.

Marilyn and I have left the cats alone at home for this evening and tonight -- until we get home again tomorrow night. They have plenty of food and FRESH water (which they haven't had in days and days), so they should be JUST FINE (if a bit lonely).

We drove down to the beach house, arriving by right around 11:00 (we went the 'fast' direction).

First thing tomorrow we're heading to Forks, Washington for the annual Bella's Birthday Celebration! I just tried going to the website, but it's not all that helpful. Stephanie Meyer is there (it started on Thursday, September 10) and is supposed to sign books. I think we're supposed to register somehow, but I can't seem to figure that out... (sigh)

Anyway, we'll drive up to Forks and see what's what (as we have in the past). Then drive back home again. Tonight we're sleeping at our beach house.

Believe it or not, we miss the kitties... (smile)

I need to head to bed, so that's it for today! I'm really TIRED and so is Marilyn.

Good night all!
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