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Marilyn and I Are Home From New York!

Marilyn and I got home from New York tonight. We left New York around 2:00-ish. So we spent much of our day on the plane (of course), just as we did on Sunday.

We're both really tired out, but glad to be home.

Sorry I haven't been good about blogging while gone. We were just so tired at night that I didn't even think of it, to be honest.

We did get to have dinner with the the current United States Tennis Association President and Board of Directors and then sit in the President's Suite to watch the Serina/Venus (Williams) match! It was very exclusive and very exciting.

And we also managed to find some time to tour certain parts of NYC. Not a lot, but at least a little bit.

I'm really way too tired to blog to any extreme tonight. I'm yawning so hard that tears are pouring down my face as I try to type this!

I can't wait to get to bed, so I'll end now.

Hope all is well with all of my friends! Good night!
Tags: 2015, home, marilyn, new-york, portland-house, portland-oregon, september-2015, tennis, us-open

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