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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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New York, New York -- U.S. Open Tennis! 
September 7, 2015 (Monday) 11:56 pm [2015, marilyn, new-york, september-2015, sister-sue, tennis, us-open]
tennis ball
Marilyn and I went out to the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament today, at Flushing Meadows.

(Total aside: I still remember when the U.S. Open was at Forest Hills. It moved to Flushing Meadows in 1978.)

We took the subway, of course, to get there. If you've never been to New York City and ridden the subway, it's pretty amazing to be under the ground for those large periods of time. There's certainly nothing like it in Oregon. (smile) Duh, Charlie.

And if you're used to living out on the West Coast where our cities are so 'new' and clean, it's a bit shocking how old and DIRTY New York seems to be. (And let's not talk about the smells.) Interesting, to say the least. I'd talk about the homeless, but Portland is full of homeless people, so...

We did a ton of walking today. You do that in NYC. And there's a ton of walking at the Open. Which is normally fine by us, but temperatures today were in the 90's (and humid). By the time we were heading back after the day session, we were both worn out. We were sweating so hard we were soaked!

We did get 'a slice' not far from our hotel (that's pizza, guys!). And later each had a hot dog, too. You can't come to New York without having a dog and a slice, after all.

We also bought U.S. Open lanyards to use for festival in 2016. (grin) And I got a hat (souvenirs). Did I mention we got a frozen lemonade when we were there? Boy, did we need that!

This is disjointed. Sorry about that. I'm pretty tired tonight!

I had TERRIBLE leg cramps today. Just awful. Yes, it could be all the walking. And I did get dehydrated, too. But I hadn't taken my pills until later -- except for my levothroid pill for my thyroid. Marilyn and I had believed all along that some medication was resposible -- that certainly seems true from our research!

By the way, there's an outside chance the 'butt cheek' pain that my nurse practitioner said was a hamstring injury could also be related to the meds.

You know, Marilyn has also had pains! So we're both quitting the pills. We'll try going without BEFORE discussing it with our nurse practitioners -- it's easier to go in with results before talking over changing it.

I'll do more research when I get back home. But would I love not to suffer all this terrible pain all the time, that's for sure!

Again, we love our hotel room! I can't say enough good things about it.

Tomorrow we'll do some more tourist-y things. Then tomorrow night we'll be in the President's Box at the Open (!!!). They show it quite a bit on TV -- it's where celebrities tend to sit. There's a big dinner before watching the tennis. We're excited to see Serina and Venus play!

Sister Sue called us many times today. She's been staying at our house and caring for the cats. She had a good time at her cribbage tournament, by the way.

This entry is a random mess! Sorry!!! We're heading to bed soon. Good night!
September 8, 2015 (Tuesday) 03:47 pm (UTC)
Nice I came over and took Nicole to school and then came back to my house to put some wash in and send Larry an e-mail and read your blog. Hope you enjoy today in the box and that the dinner is good etc. It will be so exciting for you to see the Williams sisters play.
September 8, 2015 (Tuesday) 11:37 pm (UTC)
Are you going to see the "sister showdown" of the two Williams women? I'd love to see that match myself!

NYC isn't Portland. You're certainly right about that.
And, keep in mind that NYC is vastly cleaner than it was when I was young. These days when we go there we always say how nice and clean the city is compared to the 70's...