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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Marilyn and I Are In New York! 
September 6, 2015 (Sunday) 11:54 pm [2015, adeena, birthday, june, june's-bday, marilyn, new-york, september-2015, tennis, us-open]
tennis anyone?
We're happy and excited tonight! And in the Big Apple. We love our hotel room and had an amazing room service dinner. It was expensive -- but if you can guess the price, I'll confirm it. (We had cheese burgers with fries, Diet Pepsi, a small pot of coffee and some vanilla ice cream.)

This is a large room for New York (the east coast seems to have smaller places than out where we live). And it's nice. The bathroom is cool, with a long double sink and glass everywhere.

There are tennis players and other tennis people (coaches, trainers and so on) all over this hotel. It's like tennis central. This must be a popular place for them. Can't blame them!

Many THANKS to Adeena for getting up VERY early to take us to the airport -- and then going back to check on the boys. And many THANKS to sister Sue for babysitting the cats and our house! You guys are awesome!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend June today! Marilyn and I hope to take her to dinner to celebrate when we get home from this trip.

Alaska Airlines is amazing!!! There's a TON of leg room on their planes. And charging spots for charging devices. They have WiFi available, but it's spendy (we decided not to purchase it). American Airlines? Not very nice. There's almost NO leg room! I could barely walk to my seat, and my bag was a pain to deal with. We were originally NOT sitting together for the Chicago to New York part of the trip, but people switched with us so we could.

Anyway, my hamstring injury was giving me FITS today. So painful. And Marilyn's back is bothering her, too. We're sore and tired tonight. (Of course, we didn't get to bed last night until past three, so...)

Tomorrow we go to the Open! We're very excited about that!!!

Good night all.
September 8, 2015 (Tuesday) 04:14 pm (UTC)
Glad you made it and that you love your hotel. Super with all of the tennis people there too. I am happy for you and can not wait to talk to you about it all.