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The Day BEFORE Our Big Trip to New York

So, it's Saturday -- and the day BEFORE our big trip to New York City for the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament. It's been a day of preparation.

First off, we've been very relaxed and taking it easy while doing some necessary things around the house and running some errands.

Earlier we went and picked up prescriptions. It looks like insurance isn't covering my new one. Oh well. I'll just keep using the old one until we get a chance to talk it over with Leslie. I'm supposed to see her again in three months. Of course, that was supposed to be to see how the NEW med was working. Hahaha. I might need to contact her before then.

We'd already bought a fresh case of Diet Pepsi, which is sister Sue's preferred drink when at our house. And I'll make sure there's lots of bottled water in the fridge, too. I'll mention for both Sue and Adeena that there are OTHER pop choices in the downstairs fridge, which include Shasta, ginger ale, root beer and Mountain Dew (all diet). But I don't think Adeena drinks soda at all. Anyway, they're good to go if they want it.

We have plenty of BOTH foods that the cats eat. And some jugs of 'cat water' for changing out/refilling their water bucket. Henry can go without his pill for the next few days (we'll be back late on Wednesday (we're home by 7:50, supposedly).

I started this entry ages ago -- then got pulled away and am just getting back. I think I originally was writing at 8:00 or so. Now it's past 10:00.

I've barely started to pack. Need to do my pills (it takes AGES to do). And I need to wash my hair. I'm pretty doubtful I'll get anything picked up before bed...

We went by the office today to log in and get our seat assignments for the plane. We upgraded so we could select our seats and board early. A cool option!!! We're next to each other about mid-way back (we had been in the very back). It's nice to get to board early.

Marilyn paid the bills today and we drove down to the downtown post office to mail them off.

I took my (very old) iPod touch (that Marilyn gave me) and made sure it had all our music from iTunes loaded up (and that it was fully charged). I want to listen to it on the plane. I could use my phone, but that really murders the battery, so I'd rather not. I also bought a case to carry it in (we'd never had one before).

The following is TMI (too much information). You've been warned!!! I've been severely constipated for days. I mean, I've barely had a poop in a week! It was getting ridiculous, so I intended to talk to my nurse practitioner about it. I started at one point, then we got off the subject (which I had begun) and never got back to it. I used a laxative the night before last -- nothing happened. I mean nothing. Then I used a stool softener (with laxative) last night. I finally started pooping this evening, past 7:00. Who thought it would take that long to work??? 'Safe, overnight results' my ass. Hahaha. Anyway, I'm glad I'm pooping now -- before our trip -- even if it's getting in the way of me having a nap or getting other things done. I just needed not to be worried all day long tomorrow about suddenly needing to go. Or just being uncomfortable for the whole trip with gas or cramps. This is all part of my virus back in July. Part of it was gastrointestinal, and I'm still not back to normal... (sigh)

Well, I'm off to tackle things. The next post should be from New York. But forgive me if I don't manage it somehow! We do have WiFi access at the Open, believe it or not! Free, too. And the hotel is supposed to have it, but I'm not very trusting about that. It wasn't good at our hotel in Richmond.

Have a good weekend, all. Good night!
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