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A Really GREAT Day!!!

First, we decided to go shopping today for clothes for our New York trip. We started at Macy's, where Marilyn got two pairs of pants.

We check a couple of other stores, but ended up at Torrid, where I got a pair of pants and a duster covered in blue roses.

The exciting news? I don't usually talk about clothing sizes, but it's been years and years since I've been in an 18 -- and that was the size of the pants I got today. Very cool!

We had to race from shopping to my medical appointment at 3:00, but made it in good time! The news today was VERY GOOD. My A1C was a full point better than my last test -- and hasn't been this good since 2012! I was excited to hear that. My blood pressure okay, but there were questions about my cholesterol. The good cholesterol was fine, but the bad cholesterol wasn't -- yet the range between them was good.

She thinks it's complicated, because the better under control my blood sugar is, the more likely for me to have issues with cholesterol. Interesting.

She also examined my butt (smile). She thinks I've pulled my hamstring. So it's not permanent -- which is great news! She suggested some things I can do for it, as well.

We talked about the leg cramps, too. These things are related to my change of activity, so I guess that's a good thing. Hahaha.

After that I cooked green tomatoes for dinner.

Then we went to our friend Leslie's 50th birthday party. It was a blast! The DJ was amazing! The food was great, everybody danced and we got drinks from the bar and had AMAZINGLY GOOD CAKE and sang happy birthday and just really had fun. We hadn't planned to stay long, but we were there just past 8:00 and didn't leave until well past 11:00! We arrived at the same time as Arthur and William. Angel was there, and Carol and Jeff came. And so did Ashley and a lot of other people from the board. Plus Leslie's family and many other friends.

We enjoyed going to mixed parties like this. The majority of the room were black people (Leslie is black) -- but Leslie has lots of white friends, too (like us). And Angel is Hispanic. We don't really tend to notice the color -- Marilyn and I were talking about it after on the way home. Except for the fact that black woman are SO CONFIDENT. Women of ALL SIZES know they are beautiful and act accordingly. The all dress in beautiful -- and sexy -- clothing. Even if they're very large. White women don't tend to do that. Black women encourage and support other women and say nice things to them about how they look. Marilyn and I have always done that, too. But so many white women do NOT support other women -- and, in fact, make them feel bad about how they look. This is scientific, by any means -- just the observations that Marilyn and I made tonight and have made before. We both felt beautiful tonight, too. But wouldn't it be wonderful if all women could support one another? And make each other feel beautiful?

And the SHOES!!! Black women wear AWESOME shoes! Kickass shoes. One of the heaviest women in the room was dressed in a FABULOUS black lace dress -- very sexy -- with wonderful spiked shoes. I did tell her how much I loved her dress and how great she looked, because it was TRUE! But a white woman wearing that dress to a party with only white women present? I doubt she would have felt sexy or beautiful -- and I'm pretty sure the other women wouldn't have been supporting her clothing choice...

It's hard to explain. And I suppose I sound racist -- I don't mean to. Anyway, there's a lot to be said for being beautiful at all sizes and ages! That's all I'm trying to get at here.

Oh! And just about every single person in the room got up and out on the dance floor and danced, regardless of age or size. Now that's a party! (smile)

Anyway, it's late, so we'll probably head to bed soon. We have one day to get everything done before our trip to New York City!

I'm annoyed that I didn't give a house key to Adeena when we saw her last night, so she could come by if she had time. Sister Sue is currently at a cribbage tournament, so I'm not sure who will feed the cats and check on things Sunday night. (Adeena? June?)

The cats have been SO NEEDY the last couple of days. They've been all over us! I guess they sense we're going away.

Henry took his own pill again today. I barely wrap (sort of) the pill in treats -- then put it on the floor with a few other treats. He literally will knock the pill free and it will just be sitting there. Then in the process of eating the snacks, he eats it, too! I can't get over it. It beats fighting him to get his pill down -- and probably getting scratched in the process...

We're planning to take a cab to the airport on Sunday morning. Sister Sue is going to pick us up when we get back on Wednesday. (As you can see, we're not gone very long. Four days -- and only three nights.)

The sad news??? Rafa went out of the tournament today. Anyone who knows us knows that we love Rafa. So we're very disappointed. (sigh) Serena had a tough match today -- well, yeah, she won the third 6-0, but she had as nervous in the second set! She only has to win one more match, and there's a good chance we'll actually get to see her play while we're there.

But we're not counting on seeing anybody we really like (or love). It won't matter. It's just about being there -- a once-in-a-lifetime chance!

It would be nice to pick up meds tomorrow -- I'm on a couple of new ones. But if we don't get time, we don't. I don't want to stress anything tomorrow. I decided to skip coloring my hair again. There just isn't time. And I was looking at it today and I think it's fine (if not perfect).

We're already thinking about what we'll do when we get back from NYC. We want to go to a couple of movies. And maybe drive up to Forks again. Anyway, we'll have several days of vacation left!

It's been a good year! And an interesting summer.

Goodnight all.
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