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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Happy Birthday Dorothy -- Movie Night With Adeena!!! 
Today was the BIRTHDAY of our dear friend June's mother, Dorothy (she died in 2004 -- 11 years ago). I always like to think about her on this day. And think of June, as well. Not that I don't think of both of them other times, of course. But birthdays are a nice time to remember people we love who have passed on. (Like we did our friend Mitch on his birthday last month. Dad, too, this past August.)

It's interesting. I remember that Mrs. Kennedy wanted them to make a special day for JFK on HIS birthday, but people could never get away from his 'death' day, which was (of course) November 22. I guess both days can stand out for us -- and both are fine for that purpose. Neither is better nor wrong.

Marilyn and I went shoe shopping today at Famous Footwear. Believe it or not, I got FOUR pairs of shoes (!!!). That's simply unheard of for me. And Marilyn got two pairs. We wanted something new to wear to New York. And I'll be able to wear these shoes for work, too. Exciting note: I was able to wear a size 9, which is also unheard of. I've been in a 9 1/2 forever. I even had on a pair in 8 1/2! Your feet get bigger as you age. By the way, losing weight won't make them smaller again. So I have NO IDEA why I was able to wear those other sizes. Of course, sometimes the sizes can be relative, so maybe that's it...

We met Adeena in Vancouver for a movie at 8:30 tonight. We finally went to see "Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation" (MI5) -- and it was WONDERFUL!!! Every bit as good as you've heard. I highly recommend it.

I loved going with Adeena. She and I sat side by side and leaned against each other the entire time. Lovely! She is such a darling girl. And I was holding her hand a lot of the time. She has the softest hands I think I've ever touched.

Now I'm home and working on the garbage and recycling (real garbage night). I still need to take out more composting, clean the cat boxes and get the garbage under the kitchen sink. But I have most of the recycling and garbage out already -- and some of the composting. I don't want to leave a bunch of garbage behind when we leave on our trip.

Poor Henry has been pretty miserable with his condition recently. Fall is his 'bad' time of year. Well, so is winter, for that matter! I've been giving him his pill every day -- and here's how I've been doing it!

At one point we bought some Pill Pockets from the vet (these are rather expensive, by the way). You put the pill inside one and then the cat medicates himself while eating the snack! Well, I've been taking this new 'soft' snacks and sort of wrapping them around his pill. It's not that simple, because they crumble like mad (why can't they hold together better???). Anyway, it works! He manages to eat his pill -- even though it's not covered very well -- while eating some snacks. And he needs those pills every day. Considering he won't get them while we're gone, he needs to be GOOD and take them right now.

He just threw a little fit for attention, howling like crazy!!! I got him to jump up in 'his' chair (in our office), but when I was petting him he GRABBED my hand with his paw -- claws out! Ouch. So I scooted over and gave him some love and additional attention. Sweet guy.

I need to go finish everything up so we can go to BED. Tomorrow will be a busy day. I need to color my hair. We need to go shopping for clothes. I have my doctor appointment in the afternoon. And we have our friend Leslie's birthday tomorrow night. Busy, busy!

And Saturday we'll be crazy, getting ready to leave Sunday on our trip! The weather is supposed to be pretty bad while we're there -- in the 90's with humidity. Ugh. But it should be easier to deal with than normal because we've had such a hot summer here. I wouldn't say we're used to it, but at least it's less of shock. (grin)

We should try and clean up a bit around here. I at least want to do a load of dishes. But I'm sure sister Sue and Nicole (and maybe Adeena?) will all understand if it's a bit messy. Hahaha. Oh, we always have good intentions...

Goodnight, all!!!
September 4, 2015 (Friday) 10:42 pm (UTC)
Hope you do get some rest before the trip!

I've considered going to the Mission Impossible movie. Good to hear it is worth it.
September 7, 2015 (Monday) 01:18 am (UTC)
Well just got home from North Bend and am tired but had a nice trip. The traffic was not too bad on the trip home. I am going to unpack the car and repack to take over to your house. Both Candy and Nicole worked today and are both napping right now. Candy had to work both Saturday and Sunday as there was a huge convention in downtown Vancouver. Nicole worked both days too and I think may work tomorrow also.
What did you mean about Adeena being at your house, should I expect her to come over?