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Many Errands -- Thankfully Done!

On Saturday I had set up a hair appointment at Bahama Mama's (with Kelsey, who I don't know) for Thursday. But this morning Marilyn suggested I see if I could get in today -- which was originally suggested to me. (We had thought we might go to the beach house, which is why I didn't go with the Tuesday appointment when it was available.) Anyway, I phoned several times before I finally got through, and I got a 4:00 with Kathy -- who is the woman who owned and ran the shop I used to go to!

We went over to Hayden Island to get our manicures and pedicures around 2:00, thinking we'd get that out of the way before my appointment. We had decided that we really should have them done before our New York trip (originally we were going to just go with what we had from our last time).

While we were there, sister Sue brought her granddaughter Abby over to see us. Marilyn had never met her before. She's seven (going on eight). She looked darling in her new school clothes!

We got done in plenty of time for me to stop at Ulta to pick up my hair color. I'm now using the Umberto line: U Color Italian Demi Color Kit. I had looked for it at several other stores, but couldn't locate it. For those of you who color your hair, this is an amazing line! I just love it.

Say! Does anyone remember the dippity-do line? It was a gel that women used on their hair going back to the 1950's. They're STILL AROUND! Today I saw the dippity-do Colorpop product, which is temporary hair color that looks pretty cool! I absolutely want to try it out! And, yes -- they still make hair gels. Can you believe it? (smile)

Interesting moment at our nail salon. Before they had taken me (Marilyn was already back there), I saw an elderly woman trying to help an elderly man to stand up. So I went over and offered to help and they said yes. But I could see how reluctant the man was -- he was embarrassed and wanted to get up on his own steam. But his wife had been trying for several minutes and was really frustrated, poor thing.

Anyway, I just went and suggested I 'steady him' under his arms. He wasn't a big man -- and I'm fairly strong (yes, for a woman) -- so I just put my hands carefully under each arm and lifted him up. It was simple. But I said, "Well look at that! He didn't really need my help, he just got right up!" His wife was asking how I'd done it, because she'd been trying several things unsuccessfully. But I changed the subject and commiserated about how hard it is to get up some days. And they both agreed. And I told them about working on computers and being on my hands and knees. I said some days I would get down there and wonder how I was going to get up again. (grin) Anyway, once he was standing, they had no trouble walking out to the car. And he had his dignity as a man, which I felt was important. I imagine it's very hard some days to admit he needs help...

I keep remembering what Marilyn said to me about God providing us with all these opportunities all the time to help others -- and how wonderful it was when we actually managed to do what we were supposed to (and how many times we fail). I'm NOT mentioning this to make a big deal of myself. I think I was put there to help them -- and given a chance NOT to make it a big deal, which hopefully I did properly.

I like to find ways to make others feel good about themselves, if I can, because that's part of the reason I'm alive in the first place. And, after all, other people are always doing things to make ME feel good, so it's only part of the balance of the world.

If only we all would take time to be kind more often -- and be aware when others have been kind to us...

Anyway! I didn't mean to get all deep. It was just a few minutes out of my day, but they were good minutes.

I was delighted to get my hair cut by Kathy, whom I've always liked. I even considered going to her in the past. The Bahama Mama's shop looked nice with the stations from Kathy's shop in there (it had been so empty on Saturday!).

While cutting my hair, Kathy told me about running into Marilyn during the festival. She'd gone to the office to buy the movie "From One Rose" that Marilyn produced back in 2007. Kathy and some others had gone to the Clinton Theater to see it when it was played, then Kathy wanted to own it. Marilyn had totally forgotten about it (that's how crazy it gets during festival, of course), so it was nice to have it come up today. And they were all delighted to hear about our upcoming trip and Marilyn's big year (Kathy had seen Marilyn's billboard when it was up).

By the way, Kathy did a great job with my cut! She was using the same language Marilyn and I had used to discuss what I wanted done (chipping the bangs and layering and blending and so on), which pleased me. Anyway, I'm glad it went well, because now I have a hair dresser again! (woo hoo) There's nothing worse than trying to find a new one...

Well, I'm sure I'm leaving other things out, but we were certainly pleased with ourselves that we got those things done today! That's a few things we don't need to worry about the rest of the week.

We're excited about the trip -- but there's still a lot to do before we leave.

The cats? They're both driving me crazy right now. The autumn thing is in high gear -- and they seem to follow me everywhere! Much of the day when I was home I had Henry all over me. Then this evening it was Colin (who actually took a nap with me). Oh my. I can't believe they aren't here in the office with me right now.

Poor Henry isn't doing very well right now. This is a bad time of year for his condition, and he's suffering. And lying around more than normal. His ears, eyes, mouth and nose are all bad, poor kid. But his appetite remains good -- and he's going upstairs during the day to lie in the window. When he's really bad he doesn't even want to be upstairs (and often wants to hide away). I also saw him take a nice big drink at one point, so he's doing okay, considering.

Lots of tennis today -- Marilyn loves to snooze to tennis! And soon we'll see it in person! Less than a week away.
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