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Kruger's Farm on Sauvie Island

Marilyn and I finally got down to Kruger's Farm on Sauvie Island today, to u-pick green tomatoes. It's hard to believe we're going for the FIRST TIME this year on the last day of August!

We were a bit worried about the produce, considering the terrible rain and wind storm we had recently! Usually we'll go get green tomatoes several times before the rain sets in! It's NOT good when they get wet. We avoided picking anything that had been near or on the ground. We need to wash and dry them and keep them in the fridge -- that's how you can keep them for a long time...

We also got a couple peaches, some apples and corn and some strawberries. Oh, and a couple of green pears (I love them green).

We went out first thing today to get sausage biscuits for breakfast. It had been ages since we'd had one. Then we drove down to Kelley Point Park and got out and took a short walk. (I just noticed that I have over 5,000 steps for today. Yeah, I don't pay much attention right now, but we're still planning to get back to watching our Fitbits.)

It's really quite a lovely park. We saw a big flock of geese while we were there. And it's near the water. Very pretty park.

Today was very much about the US Open -- today was the first day for 2015. In a week we'll be there in New York seeing it first hand. Hard to believe! It was great to see Rafa win his first round match. And Serena Williams, too, of course! Maria Sharapova withdrew -- too bad.

I got my new foot cream today -- it's quite expensive for a very small jar. We'll see how it does, though. It's supposed to work, and I'm having more problems than usual right now. Normally only my heels split open -- but my left foot is cracking open on the ball of the foot! It's very painful.

Took some ale and a can of kale over to June and Jim -- and chatted for a bit.

Marilyn was talking to sister Sue quite a bit about the tennis (something she loves to do).

We've decided NOT to go to the beach house this week. We just have too much to get done before our trip to New York. Maybe we'll go down when we get back.

Yesterday was Colin Kitty's birthday. Actually, it's the anniversary of the day we first got him, which is far more important than his actual bday.

Henry Tudor cat has been strange recently. I'm not sure why. He's just following me around and weirdly demanding of my time (meaning NOT in a normal way). He wants to be HELD a lot. (sigh) It's a bit annoying. He'll just cry and cry at me and I won't know what to do... I hope he gets over it.

Cats are normally more affectionate in the fall of the year. We've noticed it our entire lives (for as long as we've had cats, which is since we were little kids). But this thing with Henry is above and beyond that...

Off to scrub my feet (ouch) before putting on the cream for the first time. Then we're heading to bed.

Good night all!!!
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