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Lazy Day -- I Love Saturdays

I really love Saturdays.

Marilyn and I did go out this morning to run some errands. She needed to go downtown to pick up an Auction donation. And we went and got her jacket (coat) that she had at the dry cleaner. (She still goes to the same place near John's Landing from when our office was over there.)

After that we went by the festival office. She needed to pick up our tickets for the US Open which were there.

We went to St. Johns and visited their St. Johns Farmers Market (SJFM) for the second time this year. (I can't for the life of me find a reference to the first time here in my blog. Maybe I didn't blog about it!) We got some lemon cukes and a couple of peaches. Yummy!

And we walked to a local hair salon and I made an appointment to get a hair cut. Fingers crossed on that one, as I have no clue how it will go! (It's for 11:00 on Thursday.)

Finally, we got Starbucks. I had yet another Mango Black Tea Lemonade (love it!). And then we headed back home.

I was in the family room reading on my Kindle. And Marilyn was upstairs with the TV on, reading and snoozing. Finally I laid down to read and sleep. Lovely!

We also played around on our iPads. Then late we went and got some tacos, beans and rice and brought them home to eat.

Not a very exciting day, but maybe that's the whole point! It's been a long, busy week -- so a lazy day is great by me.

I do need to gather some garbage when I'm done typing this -- and clean the cat boxes. So I'd better go.

Yes: The strap to keep the freezer door on the fridge closed is working great, actually! Maybe it's makeshift, but what the hell. As long as it works, why not? And it's saving us money, too! (grin)

More ants in Marilyn's bathroom today. I just killed them one by one. Thankfully there weren't that many...

I almost forgot!!! We had one HELL of a storm in the middle of the night! It started to POUR down rain -- with thunder -- around 3:00 a.m. And then petered off. Then there was ANOTHER downpour shortly after that! It kept raining for ages. Toward morning the wind started to really pick up. When I got up it was pretty gray out, but no longer raining. The wind was whipping like mad, though.

I was SO PLEASED with how well the tarp worked out! It hadn't moved a bit. It looks very nice and is really secure. I took Marilyn out to see it because I was so pleased. It was quite warm out, by the way -- we didn't even put on long pants to go out, or a jacket.

Hey, totally an aside: I still have a few white winter pansies out in the back yard! No, I'm NOT kidding!!!

Good night, all!
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