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Better Today -- Thankfully! Busy Friday!!!

Yesterday? I got VERY sick, very quickly. Marilyn and I think I either got food poisoning (possible), or some 24-hour bug. The details are gruesome, so I won't bother to share. But I was glad I hadn't gone to work, that's for sure!

I wasn't 100% today, but much better. Thanks for your concern -- always greatly appreciated, guys!

Sister Sue took me shopping. I wanted to replace the tarp in the backyard. We have one spot near the house where the foundation seal has been broken. If we end up getting a ton of rain, then we can have flooding in Marilyn's downstairs bedroom. (The bad thing is we did this to ourselves with a sprinkler years ago. And once you break that seal, you're pretty much screwed... sigh...)

What I didn't want to face this weekend was a flooded bedroom -- and the ritual of laying down towels over and over, then using our big fans, and heaters and so on to get the carpet dry again (and avoid mold and so on). Been there, done that, I'm afraid.

We now have a really quality dehumidifier, by the way. It's AMAZING how much liquid you can pull from a room -- especially when you're running the air conditioner during hot months! It's an amazing machine, anyway. (If you're in Marilyn's bedroom when it's running, you'll actually feel your sinuses drying out! No, I'm not kidding.)

Anyway, the weather forecast starting tonight was for rain -- a lot of rain for the next several days. Considering we've been having a drought here in the Pacific Northwest -- with a TON of terrible forest fires -- this rain is actually very good news. (Marilyn said God is trying to put out some of these bad fires.) So bring the rain. But I'm VERY GLAD to be ready for it!

Anyway, went to Freddies and bought a new tarp (after getting the measurements this morning). Also bought some wonderful aluminum tent pegs to use to hold it in the ground. In the past, I've made my own things for this purpose -- I come from a long line of people who 'make do' by creating what they need. Hahaha. I generally take wire hangers and cut and bend them -- or use other wire things. I've also used various wooden sticks and so on. None have been perfect, though. I have HIGH HOPES for these new pegs!!! They appear to be pretty awesome, to tell you the truth. And they didn't cost very much, either!

I had a hard time locating the tarp. They don't carry very many at our local Fred Meyer anymore. Then I had to pick between a couple of different versions in the correct size. This one supposedly cuts down on mold, so that sounded good to me!

I was also looking for some kind of strap or something for another issue I have. We have a second fridge downstairs in our laundry room. It's an inexpensive Frigidaire. By the way, I expect a brand name that I trust -- like Frigidaire -- to produce a decent product, even when you get a cheaper model. But they REALLY LET US DOWN this time! We knew right after we got it that it wasn't much of a fridge. It's disappointing, though. Our last fridge downstairs was very cheap -- but in spite of that always WORKED GREAT! It was plain white, with plastic handles -- but it did the job really well.

The problem with this current Frigidaire model is bad gaskets that don't hold the doors closed properly. AND NEVER DID (for the record). So this issue is worse now, but was always a problem, from the beginning. (I'm mad at myself that I never gave the company hell over this...)

I did a lot of reading up on gaskets today. Apparently they aren't that hard to replace. You get the correct version for your model and then take off the old and put on the new one. But my question is this: If this version of the Frigidaire didn't work brand new, will putting on a new gasket fix it, or not?

Marilyn is VERY RELUCTANT (understandably) to put another dime into this appliance. But the freezer door barely shuts -- meaning there are issues with items not remaining frozen and so on. And tons of frost up there, which reminds me of the OLD fridges from my childhood that you had to defrost all the time! No, I'm NOT kidding, I'm sorry to say.

Anyway, I came up with a rather clever 'fix' for this today. And amazingly enough (!!!), it's working GREAT! So for now, I think the problem is resolved. Yeah, it's a crazy Dad-would-be-proud type of fix where we have to fasten the door handle to something to hold it tightly closed. But it's in the laundry room, so it's not like anybody is going to SEE IT (except us). I only care that we don't have to throw out food because it's being spoiled. By late afternoon there was already less frost up there (I wonder where it went?) and everything looked as it should.

This reminds me that last year I had some ants INSIDE THE FREEZER, because they could just crawl between the gape in the gasket! Obviously not a good sign. Hahaha.

I'm worn out tonight. Hanging the tarp is work. And I managed to (stupidly) back into the roses at one point (they're right there against the house), and stab my back and arm. But I'm proud I got it all done.

Poor Marilyn had to work until nearly 10:00 p.m. tonight (without a break, again). She's sleeping on the sofa. She was complaining about aching and being 'sore all over' -- and seems feverish. I hope she isn't coming down with a bug (!!!) right now. She had a TON of meetings today -- and some stressful work to get done. Actually, she's had a pretty ROUGH WEEK.

But as of now, she's on VACATION for the next two weeks. She always takes the last week in August and first week in September. But this year is odd, so she really ends up with the first two weeks of September.

Our trip to New York falls during this time -- when we'll be going to the US Open.

I talked to cousin Linda this morning! It's been ages since we talked.

I also talked to Jeff this evening -- checking on how he's doing.

Today was Hood to Coast -- and the festival has a team (again). Steven stopped by the office and had PeeDee with him -- and boy, was PeeDee messed up!!! Marilyn made him leave PeeDee at the office and not take him along for the rest of the trip. It was a sad, sad sight! We've had him in the office (and at some events) all year long! I hope we can fix him up again. Marilyn posted about it for the festival at Facebook and I had to share it at my own FB.

I'd meant to talk about what I did yesterday, but oh well. Sue did take me out for a lovely breakfast at Shari's -- too bad I got sick after that. (No, I don't think it was because of food at Shari's, just to be clear!) I'd never had breakfast there before. They had nice food and pleasant service. But they seem VERY SLOW to me (especially compared to Elmer's).

I finished my Sherlock Holmes book on my Kindle ("Sherlock Holmes and the Circus of Fear," by Val Andrews). I really enjoyed it! You can get the Kindle version for 99 cents at Amazon right now. Good writing and an enjoyable story.

Cabbage and hot dogs for dinner tonight. But we didn't have our root beer floats (yet!). I got root beer at the store today just for that reason...

Good night, all!
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