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Wednesday? Busy, But How? Hahaha.

I'm trying to reason out HOW I kept busy today. It didn't seem like I got that much done, really...

Sister Sue IS taking me to my appointment in the morning. She thought she had a conflict, as tomorrow is Nicole's first day of school. But she has a late start, so it's all good, I guess. I go at 8:00 for labs. So I'm fasting now.

I did do a pile of laundry today. I do small loads at a time. (We don't tend to do big loads because we can have issues with the sink flooding if we do.) I lost count of how many small loads. And I folded a bunch of clothes, too.

I did some festival stuff, mostly email. But I posted to the festival Instagram account in honor of WOMEN'S EQUALITY DAY. I created a post that combined a graphic, a photo from our Rosie Roadtrip, a cool vintage poster and the fact that Oregon gave women the vote in 1912. I just checked this out at Facebook and saw a couple of men complaining about the post! Really??? Why, exactly? People are actually opposed to Women's Equality Day??? I don't get it. On the other hand, it got 60 shares (!!!), which is pretty cool. (smile)

Anyway, I not only put that at Instagram, but at our Facebook and Twitter accounts, too. I thought it was a cool post, but what the hell. I guess you never know what others will think. It's one of the reasons I quit posting to Facebook very often, if you want to know the truth. Who needs the negativity??? I love online interactions, but some people see it as an opportunity to be really rude and unkind. I get tired of it, I have to admit.

Well, I still spend more time here at LiveJournal than I do anywhere else on Social Media. Can you believe that?

Marilyn had a KILLER DAY at the office. And that included some really INTENSE and STRESSFUL stuff that in my opinion shouldn't have happened. A couple of people have really lost my respect today, because of it. I'm not going into any details, but certain people connected to the festival are VERY deserving of respect (aside from admiration). And if they don't get it, I'm ALWAYS going to get upset.

Marilyn worked until past 9:00 p.m. without a SINGLE BREAK all day long. She was pretty hungry by the time she got home here! (I gave her some food to take along, but the issue was NO TIME to eat anything.) She's now sound asleep on the sofa, little wonder.

She remains one of the hardest working people I've ever had the pleasure to know in my life. Her dedication is amazing. Especially in light of some of the CRAP she has to put up with, day in and day out.

Well, in two more days she's on vacation -- a well-deserved vacation, by the way! So I guess it's little wonder she's so swamped right now.

I'm tired. I was messing with ANTS (yes, again) today. There were piles in Marilyn's bathroom, this time. I just got in and killed a bunch, one at a time. I have no clue what else to do. (sigh)

I set up another Instagram account for Marilyn today (to use for role playing). This is interesting, by the way. For whatever reason, Instagram creates limits on the accounts you can create on devices. So there's a way around it, but it's not really easy. We are NOT using extra accounts for any devious reasons. We use them for fan-related accounts, or role playing accounts. So I see NO REASON they should care if we have them. Meanwhile, I know tons of people who have multiple accounts for unsavory purposes. The whole thing is really annoying. But this is nothing new. I've had issues like this with Facebook, too -- where we weren't allowed to have accounts for our cats, even though Mark Zuckerberg bragged about having an account for his dog! Double standards burn my ass (sorry).

Thankfully, LiveJournal has never limited accounts (we have many here). I like to remind people that LJ was here FIRST -- before Facebook!!! In fact, Mark got the idea for Facebook while participating at LJ. Just sayin'!!!

Well, I'm off to BED. Like I said, I'm tired tonight. And I need to be up on time in the morning.

Oh! Candy's car was fixed and is running fine, Sue told me. And the cost was under $600, so it could have been far worse. And Candy did like the cushions we sent her. I'm glad.

I think it's uncomfortably HOT in our home office tonight.

Sleep well, my friends!
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