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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
...one page at a time
This and That. 
First off, I did set my appointments for the doctor. (Well, nurse practitioner, but same thing, really.)

I go for labs this Thursday (August 27) at 8:00 a.m. for fasting labs.

I see Leslie Cody a week from Friday (September 4) at 3:00 p.m.

The office called for me to set this up this past Saturday. Isn't that smart? Actually assuming you'd be at work and need to be contacted on a weekend! Makes sense to me.

I colored my hair today (which really needed it). But I didn't have my NEW color that I like so much, as I need to get to Alta to buy it. So I used an old color I had on hand. It took okay. Actually, I'm fine with the results. But I want to color again before our New York trip so I'll look as nice as I can.

Actually, I probably should have colored before our Rosie Roadtrip! When I pulled my hair up to do the Rosie thing, it was a bit gray around the hairline and showed -- not something I like at all! Oh well.

Sister Sue and I went to Freddies (Interstate) shopping together. We had an unpleasant incident. A guy came up when we got out of the car and tried to convince us that we had rear-ended his car minutes before! He was white, heavily tattooed and dressed poorly -- and claiming to be driving a brand new car. My concern was Sue -- that she get inside the store and away from him. So I got him to walk me over to 'examine' the car. I tried to be polite but firm -- I knew this hadn't happened. He was saying it was at the nearby intersection, but we hadn't even stopped there -- and I was clear that we hadn't hit anyone.

Anyway, I walked away from him and he called me a bitch and a few other things. I reported him inside to a store employee, and then sent someone out to check on him. Clearly scamming people. But he was gone later on.

(When Marilyn and I discussed this tonight, we agreed that it was probably partly due to being at the other Fred Meyer store -- not the one we usually shop at. The area for the second store is just not as nice, frankly...)

I must admit that it was frightening, if I'm being honest. I was shaking after that as I did my shopping.

Anyway, got what I needed. Just remembered that I had prescriptions at Riteaid and should have gone there, but totally forgot. This memory thing is annoying! At one point today I couldn't find my purse and couldn't recall if I'd left it in the car (Marilyn's). (sigh) The issue? I had PUT IT AWAY in my bedroom! This is one of several times where I haven't been able to locate something because it was put away, rather than out in plain sight where it doesn't belong. Hahaha. How ridiculous is that???

I did strip the beds and wash and dry the sheets today. And did some other laundry, too. And cleaned up the kitchen and did a load of dishes. And cleaned the cats water (they have this plastic bucket on the stairs where they drink -- and it's the ONLY place they will drink anymore). I fixed pizza and coffee for dinner (yummy).

I also spent some time answering work-related emails. And I did a website fix I'd been needing to do. Plus I started researching password softwares (and Apps) to potentially use in the festival office. (I'll do more on that tomorrow.)

I'm probably forgetting other things. I was doing some organization on my iPad of photos (always had to keep organized, it seems).

I read out loud from our Sherlock Holmes novel while Marilyn did the sports rider in my bedroom tonight. I love reading out loud -- and she loves to have me read to her. It might sound old-fashioned, but it seems like a lovely tradition to carry on...

I'm reading a totally different Sherlock Holmes book on my Kindle, too, that I read a bit of today (while my color was on my hair).

We're still hot here and muggy. And I don't care what they say, the smoke from all the forest fires is still annoying.

And that was my Tuesday!

Marilyn had a TON of meetings (some intense ones) today -- and has a very busy week. She has even more meetings tomorrow (it sounds exhausting and stressful).

I almost forgot to mention this! Marilyn and I gave our cushions for our yard furniture to Candy and Sue -- and Sue took them home today. They are really NICE ones and a beautiful pattern (and like new). After we got rid of our old yard set, we didn't need them anymore. We still have the one for the lounge chair (Candy and Sue don't have one) and the beautiful umbrella... (I hope Candy liked them!)

Also, Candy's car was towed and worked on today. And I guess they got it back to where she can drive it again. I need to chat with Sue to find out more details...
August 26, 2015 (Wednesday) 08:22 am (UTC)
So sorry I forgot to thank you both so much for the beautiful cushions and Candy just loved them. We did well and that man was such a jerk and trying to rip me off because I am old and he thought he could money out of us. That was upsetting for both of us and thank you so much for looking after me so I could get away from him. You are too good to me and I am very lucky to have you in my life. It seems like there is always something happening that is bad but really most of the time I feel very positive. I went out and picked up Mady so she could stay all night with Nicole before she starts school on Thursday.
August 26, 2015 (Wednesday) 11:13 pm (UTC)
Sorry for the accident scam thing. Glad nothing worse happened!
August 27, 2015 (Thursday) 06:09 am (UTC)
Yeah, Frank. I think we were lucky. It was a scary thing, though, I must admit! But glad he didn't try to follow me!