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Wall Street. Upsetting.

Marilyn and I have been hit by Wall Street losses before (years ago). And now we've been hit again. They say to sit tight. It will 'come back.' But Marilyn's pretty upset. It's not like we had that much money to begin with. And now? And it's easy for younger people to say 'sit tight' -- try that when you're in your 60's...

The smoke situation? They SAY it's improving. It still seems pretty bad to me. And Oregon is burning. Bad. Now Crater Lake has been hit. We didn't get to see it when we went before, and now we probably won't be able to see it in any decent state...

This has been a difficult summer. We love the hot weather, but it's killing the state. And the entire Pacific Northwest...

Sue's daughter, Candy, is without a car right now. And she wants to use Sue's car. But Sue needs her car. It's a difficult situation.

I get tired of the news on 'weed' that we're constantly having. The media just loves bringing these stories to light. It's frankly ridiculous. Right now they're discussing a 'weed tent' at a wedding. I think it's mostly odd, personally.

Well, we're supposed to be heading to Walmart. We want to do the midnight purchase of a video we've been waiting for (as we've done in the past). We find it fun!

That's this Marilyn Monday.

One of these days I'm going to get around to READING things here at LiveJournal again! It's annoying that I can barely manage to blog these days. What happened to the time when I always read other blogs? And always blogged without any trouble? I just don't know...
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