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Dinner With June and Jim -- Fear The Walking Dead

A pretty quiet day again. We just seem to need so much rest right now! (Peanut butter toast with coffee for late breakfast this morning.)

We decided to start an Instagram account for the NEW The Walking Dead television series that started today. It's set in Los Angeles at the outbreak of the 'infection' (whatever) and called: Fear The Walking Dead. All new characters, all new setting and all new zombies. Anyway, it's interesting, so far. The show aired at 9:00 tonight -- so we set up the account earlier in the day. Marilyn already did a couple of amazing edits for it! She's so artistic!

We slept in quite late. We'd talked about getting up, but the sleep is such a good thing.

We're pretty sure we're NOT going to Wildlife Safari tomorrow, just to make it clear. That was just talk. Hahaha. We're taking it easy this whole weekend...

Anyway, we did dress and go out to dinner with June and Jim to the Burrito House. I was a little nervous about getting sick, so I ate something entirely different tonight. I ordered mexi fries (like french fries -- I thought they might help settle my stomach) and a tamale. The amusing thing? The waitress brings over our food, and the tamale has ONIONS on it. The menu listed a tamale, and under it a tamale with onions (extra cost). I didn't think I needed to say NO onions, because adding them would be optional. Anyway, I couldn't face onions (which I'm often sensitive to), so I sent it back.

Everybody was eating their food, and I was eating my mexi fries. I was fine with that, by the way. I did NOT make a big deal of the mistake. (Just like I didn't make a big deal when there was a mistake when we went out with Larry and Sue for Chinese and I didn't get my food for ages.)

After a time the waitress come back to check on us and realizes I don't have my food. So she goes and gets it. Later she didn't charge for it, but I wouldn't have asked her to do that at all.

I did find it annoying when Marilyn ordered both a Bud light and a soft drink that she tried to get Marilyn to get a small pop! Marilyn asked for a large, anyway. You know, that's UP TO US, as we're paying for it. But when the waitress brought over the bill, she made a point of mentioning that Marilyn had barely touched her pop! Are you kidding me???

And they wonder WHY we haven't been there to eat much in 2015. I'm telling you, the night time help is especially bad. (sigh) Anyway, we did have a good time visiting with June and Jim and sharing photos from our recent road trip. We like going out with them and always gave fun when we do.

I did swap monitors during the day. What a pain! Just as I'd known it would be. I suppose I should have Donn over to check the drivers. I hate messing with drivers, personally. But I messed around with the cursor issue myself and finally got it FIXED. It was still happening on the new monitor. (The old one was a Dell and the new one is an Acer.) UltraMon can be a real pain to change settings on, by the way. It's buggy, at best. But as I told Marilyn, there's an update, and we need to install it...

There are still some ants in my bathroom, but it's much better now. The weird thing? They keep drowning themselves inside my toilet! I wonder what that's about? And I hate needing to check constantly to see if they're crawling around on the seat! I don't really want to have one bite me there, if you know what I mean! Hahaha.

Oh, yes. We saw Estelle (another neighbor) while waiting for June and Jim to pick us up. And she offered us some produce which she brought over when we got back. She had eggplant, which we like and haven't had in years. So I thought that was nice. Everybody has been giving us stuff! Tomatoes from June and Jim, Adeena, Estelle (and I'm forgetting someone else...). It's that nice time of year!

Still SUFFERING from the smoke -- especially poor Marilyn! It's certainly nasty this year...

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