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Busy Day: Friday

Today was a busy day at the office... Especially for Marilyn! She was so swamped.

Donn was in today to finish up the projects started earlier in the week.

We did go to Starbucks in the morning. We needed the caffeine!

Donn recommended some software applications for me: Unlocker Assistant (you have to search for it at the site linked), Everything, 7-Zip and Ownership.

I had an issue yesterday with the IT project I was working on -- and I needed to delete some corrupted files, but couldn't do it (a permissions thing). So I was able to, using one of these (above) softwares. That was cool!

Unlocker and Everything run all the time (you see them in the systray). I'm looking forward to trying them more. Everything is a freeware Windows desktop search engine -- and Donn says it's VERY FAST. Anyway, it actually creates an index of every file and folder on your computer -- and that's pretty convenient when you're dealing with everything I deal with. (grin)

I told him about Cloudmark DesktopOne that I've been using to filter email. Donn's a big fan of only using Gmail -- but I have issue with it, especially on an iPad. But the Cloudmark software is saving my life recently. Well, at least it's saving a TON of my time! I really love it. I get a TON of SPAM at the festival each day -- and it all forwards home. So...

Good softwares are such a help for the work we do. I can't say enough.

I worked a bit on the SAME project (sigh) as yesterday, but didn't get it finished. It's VERY time-consuming. More on that next week, I guess...

Marilyn and I did run some errands. We mailed a package and took her coat (finally!!!) to the dry cleaners (we've needed to do that for MONTHS). And we took a drive for lunch (and just stopped to grab some food).

My WIN for today??? I managed to ADD the Auction to the menu (navigation) for the festival website. (woo hoo)

I was tired all day long. Yawning all the time, it seemed.

Marilyn had an allergic thing this afternoon and was miserable -- and had to take meds at work to get it under control, poor thing. That can't have helped with her complicated project she was working on.

I took a walk in the afternoon to get ice cream. So I had more than 6,000 steps today (can't remember the exact amount).

We ate leftovers for dinner. And watched some TV. But were so tired we just conked out.

Marilyn had another allergic thing in the evening -- really BAD. Then later, I was itching all over. We tried a new 'healthy' popcorn tonight, and I think we both had a reaction to it...

Question: What's UP with the cursor here at LiveJournal? Is this just me, or does everybody have a new, strange-looking cursor now? (A dark up and down line with a crossbar that has arrows on either end.) What the heck is THAT about??? NEVER MIND: This appears to only be happening on my secondary monitor -- and I'm having issues with that one. (I think the monitor is going out. I've been messing with it all week.) Anyway, it's NOT showing on my other monitor.

You know, maybe all my ant battles earlier in the week worked. Or at least helped. I've got far fewer ants in my bathroom right now, anyway... But I still have a few, I'm afraid. (sigh)

I woke up during my nap with TERRIBLE leg cramps (yes, again). I took some of my leg cramp pills after managing to sit up, then stand to walk off the cramps. What pain. (ugh) I wouldn't think 6,000 steps would cause that, but what else could it be? Miserable.

I'm probably missing stuff. But that's some of my Friday, anyway.
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