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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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A Nice Day -- Lunch with Adeena -- A Movie with Sue, Larry and Adeena 
sunflowers summer, summer
Today is our friend Mitch's birthday. It's so hard to believe he's been dead for three years, now. (I think he would have enjoyed the movie we saw, as he was a huge Sherlock Holmes fan. Marilyn once gave him a collection of Sherlock Holmes movies.) We miss you, Mitch!!!

Marilyn got me up early enough today to WASH MY HAIR, which I had simply been TOO TIRED to do last night. I thought that was really nice of her! She slept in a tiny bit (which she never gets to do), while I washed my hair.

I wore my clam digger pants (capri length) that I've had for ages to work today. I really love them. They're jeans, with lace panels on the outside seam. One of my fave pair of pants. But frankly, they're just TOO BIG for me anymore... (sigh) I had them nearly falling off much of the day.

A shame, as I got some compliments on them this morning. I think that was my last time to wear them...

I also wore my new lace top from Ross that I hadn't worn before. I really like it, and it got compliments, too. By the way, so did my hair! Nice!

I took golf balls in for Jeff and Steven -- we bought them Centennial year, planning to give them away as gifts, which we never did. And I brought Marilyn my home calculator, as her old one died and she needed one. (Plus I brought in some cow things for Carol...)

We walked to Starbucks in the morning. Then we worked, and went for lunch to the Turkey Place Deli with Adeena (as planned). Adeena ended up treating us for lunch! At 2:00 we three headed to the Living Room Theater downtown (on 10th) to meet sister Sue and Larry to see "Mr. Holmes." What a WONDERFUL movie! (Now I want to read the book it's based on.) Marilyn and I have loved Sherlock Holmes since we were kids, so this was a perfect choice for us. I highly recommend this film.

My IT work today did NOT go well, I'm afraid. The plan was to copy my external hard drive to the Server at work, then over to two different externals. By the drive I selected wasn't big enough to hold it! So I had to spend ages deleting all I had moved. (sigh) A real IT fail, anyway.

Donn did not come in today, but said he'd be in to finish up tomorrow.

We had volunteers in helping with a project today. So I took time to speak with them, as I often do. I feel pretty strongly about saying supportive things to our volunteers -- and thanking them for coming.

Well, that's not the entire day, but close. It was cooler today, thankfully. But still a beautiful day.

I need to go get the garbage and recycling done. We came home to a real mess -- Colin was trying to yak up a furball, and threw up all over the place! Awful. Anyway, I need to finish this up so we can head to bed. I'm yawning like mad.

I'll give an update on the Ant War soon. No, peppermint oil (and other essential oils) can't be used around cats, either. These are also toxic to cats. I already knew about tea tree oil. I used to use it on my skin (it's good for human issues), but if a cat licks it, it's quite poisonous for them. (sigh) Well, I love my cats too much to take the risk... Again, more soon.

And that was Thursday!
August 21, 2015 (Friday) 11:24 am (UTC)
I loved being with you all and the movie was so great. I think Larry really enjoyed it too. So nice of them to give us a free ticket for the technical problems they had. I miss Mitch too and I know you girls do. I should have remembered it was his birthday. I remember us going up to Spookys and getting beers and toasting him. I cannot believe it has been three years since he passed. I miss him but not as much as you both do, and I miss Wayne so much also. It is wonderful to have great friends in your life, but so difficult to lose them. I was so lucky at the card room, one of my best times ever and poor Larry did not get on his way home as early as he had wanted. They comped us a very nice Chinese food dinner and I did not take my leftovers, because I never eat them and then we throw them out. Larry took his home and says he always eats them. I gave him a small lecture about the cell phone again and how it would have made it so much easier so you would not have needed to wait outside for him, but he is very set in his way about that subject so I just let it go. Hope he will get one but I sure can not force him to.
August 22, 2015 (Saturday) 01:31 am (UTC)
My wife and I liked that movie as well.

Good luck with the ants!