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Add GOOGLE Business to My 'I Hate' List, Please.

Excuse me, but WHY does Google Business keep phoning our HOUSE (our residential home phone number) asking about listing our 'business'??? And when I very politely inform them that this is a residence, do you know what they do -- every single time??? They HANG UP ON ME.

Is that Google's idea of a good way to interact with people?

You know, I really used to be Google's biggest fan. For years and years. Always saying positive things about Google to others. And with my IT connections and the festival and other volunteer activities, that's a really LARGE circle of people we're talking about.

But this sort of thing doesn't just annoy me. It infuriates me.

Just kindly take our number off your damn list. Is that asking too much?

I wanted to complain to Google Business, but they basically make that impossible to do. And I do mean impossible. So now I'll just complain to anyone who cares to listen. But, again, that's a large circle of people. Many whom count on me for computer-related advice.

Sure, I'm only a drop in a bucket. But I'm now a very SOUR drop! And I now feeling VERY SOUR about Google, in general. What a shame.

I know everything is animated these days, but I think companies should find a way for consumers to contact them. Yes, it's nearly always complaints (people rarely call when they're happy -- I know that from personal experience). But, seriously, do you want to let the people who actually use your services get unhappy with you, and spread that word around? (And around and around.) Maybe they just don't care, which is what I tend to end up thinking in these situations.

By the way, nice way to WASTE MY TIME Google! Thanks.
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