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Triumphal Return AND Friends

Marilyn and I made our triumphal return to the festival today. (grin) Or that's what Marilyn called it. Anyway, we got to share with everyone who was there all the excitement of our Rosie road trip.

So we told tales and shared photos, which was fun.

I took Donn to Starbucks before Staff meeting. Then Donn attended Staff Meeting today (for the first time ever). And we had a card for him and everybody sang Happy Birthday. Then we talked all the events everyone had attended (as we always do) and did some catching up...

I met with Donn and he started in on his tasks today. He replaced the computer he'd moved over for Ariel to use. And brought the other computers in.

Marilyn and I drove home for lunch. I made lunch meat sands. Then we went back -- but I forgot my bags at home!!!!! It was a 'forgetful' day for me. I had already forgotten my pills in the morning. (sigh)

After doing some work, Adeena took me home. I'd left my house key in my purse (!!!), so I had to get the key from neighbor Janet.

Adeena and I had a lovely visit in the afternoon, then I fixed dinner for the three of us. We had hot dogs (baked), kale and sauteed cabbage (a mix of cabbage, carrot and celery -- tasty). With ice cream bars for dessert.

While eating, we rented the last Twilight movie, which Adeena had never seen and watched it. Fun!

During dinner my friend June phoned -- but told me to go back to my visiting friend. But as soon as the movie (and dinner) were over, I headed to June's house.

She had a couple of computer issues that I helped her with. Then we chatted quite a bit. She's got a terrible situation with a family member that's very upsetting. Poor June!!! Your prayers and good thoughts for June are much appreciated.

If Marilyn and I go down to the beach house this weekend, then we want June and Jim to drive down there to see us. If we stay home, then we want to go out to dinner with them this weekend...

Adeena kindly offered to have us to her house for dinner tomorrow night, but I declined. I'd love to do that, but I think it will spread us too thin, considering we have that date Thursday night with Larry and Sue. But we DO love to see Adeena as often as we can. She's coming to the office on Thursday, for sure, so we should all three be able to go to lunch that day.

I'm planning to stay HOME tomorrow -- I have some festival work to do, but it can be done Remotely. And I need to do some things around the house, too. Marilyn has her lunch with friends Marcia and Gail tomorrow... (They go each month.)

I'm STILL tired out from our road trip... Looking forward to going to bed, actually!

I cleaned up the kitchen when I got home from June's. I'll do more around the house tomorrow.

The arthritis in my right hand -- especially in my pointer and middle fingers -- is BAD right now. Aside from the huge bumps on both fingers, I appear to be developing another synovial cyst on the middle finger (where I had one before that the nurse practitioner treated) -- and maybe one on the pointer finger, too. (ugh) I've no clue what's caused this flare-up. But I just have to live with it. It's strange to have it during the HOT weather!!!

Today was in the high 90's again! Plus we're having a lot of issues because of the SMOKE from local fires. It's almost as bad as in California. I really have a sore throat again tonight, anyway.

I'm forgetting things, I'm sure. Oh! Yeah! Donn brought us tomatoes today! And Adeena has offered to bring us more. Plus June gave me tomatoes this evening, as well. Marilyn and I love tomatoes, so that's great by us! Isn't it lovely how generous everyone is?

Happy summer, all!

ADDED NOTE: I just fell asleep (!!!) sitting up at the computer typing this! Seriously??? I need to go to bed!!!
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