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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Making History: Guinness Book of World Records -- We Beat the Record! 
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Marilyn, Adeena, Nancy and I got to be a part of history today! We attended the Rosie Rally in Richmond, California, where there were 1,084 (unofficial count) people dressed as Rosie the Riveter (the previous record was under 800).

We got up and went over to Catahoula Coffee. They had invited us to come by via Instagram, believe it or not! They gave us all mimosas, and we had coffee. We gave them Rosie posters (the Adeena as Rosie poster from this festival). And we mwet up with some other Rosies!

We'd originally planned to go back to the hotel and then to the park for the event, but we went diectly there, instead. We had to park quite some distance away, and it was too early for the shuttle, so we walked over. Being there so early, we got to meet three original Rosies, who worked during WWII. And see people keep coming for hours!

It was pretty cool. I couldn't even say how many times we had our photos taken. We were rocking the look and got a ton of compliments on our outfits. (At one point two women told me I had the 'most authentic' outfit, which was nice.)

During the entertainment (women who sang Andrew Sisters' songs), I got out and danced a lot. My feet are pretty sore tonight. (Marilyn and I are sore, period. Hahaha!)

Oh! And we're both sunburned, too!!! Yikes.

We met a ton of other women there for the event. We got to sit pretty close to the front, because of our early arrival. And we took a lot of wonderful photos.

After the event (which lasted until past 3:00), we hauled our exhausted butts back to the car. Then we felt we had to go see the Rosie museum, so we drove there. After a very SHORT visit there, we went and had french fries and drinks (I had a rootbeer float) at the place outside, FULL of Rosies!

Then (finally) we went back to the hotel, where I took a nap and could barely wake up for our evening plans.

We drove into San Francisco, across the Bay Bridge (huge). We drove around -- it's a bear to find parking! We finally got into a $20 lot, the went down to Fisherman's Wharf, where we got a bite to eat, then wandered around and came back.

We went to the hotel bar and Marilyn and I had Bud Lights and we all chatted, before heading to bed.

I got close 12,000 steps today! But not quite... Marilyn had 10,000 steps, Adeena got close to 10,000 and I had over 11,000. We did a LOT of walking, that's for sure. Sort of a Fitbit Update, anyway.

I'm forgetting stuff, but am too tired to care...
August 16, 2015 (Sunday) 09:31 pm (UTC)
That's so cool!
I'm glad it went so well!
August 17, 2015 (Monday) 02:31 am (UTC)
It sounds like it was a super event but I am sure that you are all very tired. I am so glad that you beat the record and made it down there safely.

Love you all and am happy for you. Sorry Nancy felt sick. I loved being with your boys but without you there he would not come to me. Last night he went to Nicole and she loved him up a lot.