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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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We Made It (woo hoo) 
need coffee, coffee now
Actually we made it to our hotel by 10:30 p.m.

We were on the road this morning by 7:07, so, yeah -- it's been a VERY long day! But it's such a different and COOL thing to do. We DID end up wearing our Rosie clothes all the way here, which was really fun, as four Rosies got a lot of attention! And we did stop a lot along the way (at least five times), so there were a lot of chances to interact with people.

Marilyn is a HERO for driving all the way here.

We listened to a little bit of music. And I read out loud a couple of times. And we visited with one another a ton.

We took a lot of photos. I'll be sure to share when we get back home.

Please send prayers and good thoughts to our friend Dennis who had surgery (with complications) today. Sue was texting us near the beginning of our trip.

Talked to sister Sue tonight, who is taking good care of our kitties and house -- so nice of her.

That many hours in the car? Honestly very painful. I'm SO GLAD to be lying here on a bed! Marilyn's shoulder is killing her, too. I bet we're all sore (and very tired) tonight.

And poor Nancy has a bug and was really suffering! I felt bad for her.

I'm sipping coffee as I type this. Lying on my bed and listening to TV. Nice. I'm going to go get some pop in a second (when I'm done with this blog entry).

I have more details to share, but will do that when we get back home. (I hate trying to blog on my iPad. So these will be very basic entries.)

I'm SO HAPPY that Adeena, Nancy, Marilyn and I are making this trip together! Awesome!

The weather was great, by the way, and never too hot today. What a beautiful drive!

More tomorrow! Excited for the rally!
August 15, 2015 (Saturday) 02:46 pm (UTC)
Have a great time! I know you will.
August 16, 2015 (Sunday) 12:26 am (UTC)
Glad the trip is going well.
Thoughts, prayers and wishes for Dennis!
August 17, 2015 (Monday) 01:54 am (UTC)
I know you are all very tired but so glad that you got there safely. I called today and you were asleep but Adeena answered and I told her to tell Marilyn that Andy Murray had won the match today. Will be glad to hear all about the rally and your trip.