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Rosie Roadtrip TOMORROW!!!

I spent the day CLEANING again -- this time I was working in my bathroom.

But before that, sister Sue was kind enough to drop by so we could talk about her staying here to baby sit the cats and the house. Marilyn and I REALLY appreciate her doing this for us! It was simple to cover the 'how to' stuff: Where the cat food is stored, what to give them and all of that. And to show her how to use the remotes for the two TVs (family room and living room) -- because who can live without TV?????

Colin was darling with Sue today!!! Henry, too, but Colin often won't come around her, so it was pretty cool. (smile)

It was a miserable, hot, muggy day! And I suffered. I was actually cleaning in the nude. It made me laugh, because my Mom was someone who liked to clean in under garments (or naked -- but very rarely). The thing is, it's the bathroom and I'm working in the tub. So naked made sense to me, actually. Hahaha. And I had my hair up in a shower cap, trying to keep it clean. But I sweat so hard that now I still have to take a shower and wash my hair. Damn. I was literally soaked from sweating!

The bathroom isn't perfect, but the tub is clean, the counters are much better (with less stuff, too), the toilet is clean and I mopped the floor. I chased a few cobwebs, but need to do more. I actually want to scrub down the ceiling and the walls in that room, but it's a huge job (they seem to be so hard to clean -- I've tried this before). Anyway, I'm PLEASED with what I did get done!

I 'gassed' myself with some cleaning product (I think the toilet bowl cleaner). I was shocked! Suddenly I was sneezing, then my eyes were BURNING and watering like crazy. A total surprise. Marilyn says she always has to be really careful when using bowl cleaner. Goodness!!!

The garbage is out (not real garbage week -- so in the garage in the can), as is the recycling and composting (which was yucky, from the fridge cleaning). And the cat boxes have been cleaned. I did get a bit more laundry done, but there will be more to tackle next week...

I still need to pack! And shower. We went to the store late tonight and got our red socks for the outfit. And I got eye products for my contacts (so I don't have to haul the full-size versions).

I need to CLEAN THE CAT'S WATER bucket out and put out fresh water!!!

I'm just sucking down WATER (bottle water) while I type this. I've been so dehydrated today, for whatever reason!

And I seem to be having one of my minor flare-ups (right wrist and back -- and of course the 'butt cheek' -- whatever that actually is). I think that accounts for the fact that I'm clearly running a fever, because those flare-ups always give me a fever. Annoying. Which is why I was sweating so damn hard today! Far more than the amount of work I did should account for. Oh well.

We need to be up VERY, VERY EARLY (think Grand Floral Parade day early), so I need to get going and GET TO BED. It would be great to get some more sleep!!!

We'll be in the car driving for a minimum of 12-14 hours tomorrow (probably longer).

I don't know if I'll be able to blog until we get back or not... My phone really doesn't cut it for blogging.

We're supposed to be ON THE ROAD by 7:00 a.m. (!!!)

Sue, if you're reading this, Nancy will NOT be parking her car here after all. So you can use the driveway all you want!!! I had planned for us to chat to say goodbye tonight. Sorry we didn't call you!!!

Gotta dash! Excited about this trip!
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