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Cleaning Out the Fridge -- Yes, Again.

Sister Sue and I went to Dollar Tree today. Poor Sue: The air conditioning in her car has really gone out now. So it's pretty miserable to drive around in all this heat.

I heard on the news today that we were having another record of some kind, having to do with how many days in a row we'd had temperatures over 90'. Bad timing if you're Sue, obviously! But we can't complain, as Sue and I discussed. After all, we have air conditioning in our homes -- and we can sleep at night! Lucky, lucky us!!! Well, we're blessed, that's for sure.

At Dollar Tree I spent just over $20 -- meaning I had two twenties and had to break the second one. (I had had a ten, but used that recently to pay for the repair of my broken nail.) It turns on the checker is alone -- his manager is on break and gone. And he has almost no change in his till. So he gives me back eight one dollar bills, plus tons of quarters. There's no way for me to count the change, so I'm pretty certain I was cheated by a dollar or two. But in the end I decided to see this as humorous and let it go. Hahaha.

If we end up needing quarters or ones on our road trip, I guess we'll have plenty!

I did more laundry and cleaned up the kitchen and did a load of dishes. But the main thing I tackled today was cleaning out the upstairs fridge. (For those who don't know, we have two -- the second one is down in our laundry/utility room, off the family room. I don't think we could ever live without two again. Once you get used to it, it's pretty important. We also have two at the beach house in Seaside.)

I did it not that long ago, admittedly. But it seems like you always end up with a bunch of stuff in jars that you don't need, containers of old food (like cottage cheese) and piles of leftovers. That can get nasty, when you let mold grow! Hahaha. I was already a bit sick from the heat, and those smells were really doing my in, I cannot lie.

But I wanted it to be easy for sister Sue this weekend. So she could find the cat food (which we keep in the fridge) without trouble -- and any food and pop she might want, as well.

I'm DELIGHTED with how it turned out, anyway. I don't know when it's been this empty in some time.

Marilyn had a rough day at work! It's far too complicated to go into. But she was taking Jeff home tonight to Vancouver and the three of us were talking on her cell -- and agreeing that certain people needed to 'suck it up.' Hahaha. Sometimes we don't like the way things turn out, but then we just have to be grown-ups and get over it. Anyway, it was kind of an amusing conversation, anyway.

We ate leftover all-beef hotdogs (no buns or condiments) for dinner, with sauteed cabbage. We've loved fried cabbage since we were kids! Mom used to make it, and then we would, too, all the time. It's strange that we haven't had it in years and years, but my, it's delicious! Anyway, it made for a nice dinner.

We've also been out of the habit of making coffee in recent months. I don't know why that happened. But we're back to having coffee, and both enjoying it.

Marilyn vacuumed the family room tonight. And I'm going to vacuum my bedroom tomorrow. Then I need to clean my bathroom (at least a little bit). The living room could probably use some work, too, but I doubt we'll find time now to get to it!

Sue is going to stay here Friday and the weekend. We'll live early Friday morning, and get back on Sunday (late, I imagine). The cats are in VERY GOOD HANDS with Sue caring for them. We're very glad she's going to do that for us.

Gerri called today for Marilyn, who phoned her back tonight. It was lovely talking to her. She's a very special lady! We'll be with Gerri and Don in New York at the US Open in September.

I know I'm forgetting stuff, but this will have to do for today...
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