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Day of Errands

Today was a day FILLED WITH ERRANDS. And it was a very overcast and muggy day (ugh).

Marilyn and I needed to get our coveralls to wear, first of all. These can be the classic coverall, which is DARK BLUE (not jeans). And is rolled at the bottom of the leg and at the sleeves. (We think we're going to have to CUT the long sleeves to make this work.) We found these at Andy and Bax (over on SE Grand Avenue). We used to shop there years ago -- it's where I got my first-ever leather jacket. There was a huge bin, and we just dug through it and tried stuff on until we found what we needed!

NOTE: The jeans overalls that we've had our official Rosie the Riveter wear are NOT allowed for the rally. Nor can women wear their hair down as she did -- but Marilyn liked that look, which is why our Rosie wore it! For our Rosie, we were going for a different vibe, frankly.

Andy and Bax did NOT have the red socks we need to have, though. We'll probably have to get these at the rally, as the red socks we've seen so far aren't LONG ENOUGH (and aren't solid red). These need to cover the calves.

Then we needed to search for the proper shoes. These had to be BLACK WORK SHOES (or brown work boots). We went to several stores to find something that would work out and have the correct look! (And be relatively comfortable to wear!!!)

Our personal goal??? There are FOUR of us going on this trip: Marilyn, Adeena, Nancy and me. (Nancy is considered our official historian on the board.) We want to wear the outfit on our 11+ hour trip down there in the car. Why? So we can TAKE PHOTOS from various locations along the way!!!

After trying on our VERY HEAVY coveralls, I suggested we might want to wear shorts and tank tops with flip flops or sandals. Then pull on the coveralls and work boots when we wanted to take pictures. Because I don't think the full outfit will be very comfortable to wear the entire time!!!

They'll have the OFFICIAL bandana and red socks for sale at the rally -- but that won't help us on the trip there. So Nancy is making us bandanas on Monday so we'll each have one. (I'm guessing Adeena's current bandana will work for her.) We can probably make it without the red socks on the trip down, anyway...

This year is the 70th Anniversary (Keep the Spirit of '45 Alive): 8/14/1945 - 8/14/2015. The goal is to have 1,000 women there in the outfit! I think I've been saying that we're going to San Francisco, California, but it's ACTUALLY Richmond, California (just outside San Fran) -- to the official Rosie the Riveter Memorial Park. The hashtag is #RosieRally -- cool, huh?

The actual rally is 1:00 - 3:00 on Saturday, August 15. (Even though the official date is August 14. That falls on a Friday, which obviously won't work for lots of people who will be attending.)

The current record was set LAST YEAR (776 women) in Ypsilanti, Michigan. So they don't really need 1,000 people to break that record. But that's what they're going for.

We do have to pin up our hair (it can't be down or in a ponytail), which makes sense. Women working back then would have had to keep their hair out of the way!

We went to the Goodwill looking for coveralls (and maybe shoes) -- no luck. And to Fred Meyer (Freddies) looking for shoes. And to Target for shoes. And to Famous Footwear (which is where we found our shoes!). And we'd already been to Andy and Bax for the coveralls. And we'd had to go get my broken nail fixed, too (at our manicure shop), because somehow I broke one really bad yesterday (either carrying heavy boxes to the Goodwill or while cleaning house). That's a LOT of different stops while running our errands.

We were pooped when we finally got done and got back home!

We hadn't eaten all day, so we stopped at the Burrito House and picked up some tacos and beans to eat at home.

Anyway, I'm glad we got all of that out of the way! We didn't want to be worrying about it all week long, that's for sure.

We leaving Friday to drive down (it will take all day long to get there), and staying overnight. Then we'll go to the Rally on Saturday and out to dinner after. Then we'll stay overnight again and spent Sunday driving back. (Adeena and Nancy will share a room and Marilyn and I will share a room.)

On the Home Front (heh), THANKFULLY sister Sue will be caring for our cats (Colin and Henry) for those three days that we're gone!!! I guess that will be practice for our trip to New York City for the U.S. Open in September...

Well, I'm hot and tired and headed to bed! More tomorrow...

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